picture showing child containers
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picture showing child containers
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       <p>In order for the client to introduce hierarchy to the management of documents, the document store allows creation of documents which are containers. That enables Alice to create a container hierarchy to organise her documents. This can be done by POSTing (a child) container representation to a (parent) container. This enables Alice to create a child container which she intends to use for image storage.
+    <figure id="fig-bcs">
+      <img src="images/bcs.png" alt=".." />
+      <figcaption>Child Containers inside a Basic Container.</figcaption>
+    </figure>
       <pre title="State of Alice's document store before creating the photo (child) container" class='example' data-include='create_cr_s1.txt' data-oninclude='fixCode'></pre>  
       <p>To create a new container for managing photos, Alice POSTs a representation of a container (LDP-BC) to the root container. Alice express her intention that the newly created resource should be an LDP Basic Container by including a Link header in the request with the relationship 'type'. </p>