added new XSD types (ISSUE-66)
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Wed, 02 May 2012 18:13:17 +0100
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added new XSD types (ISSUE-66)
--- a/rdf-concepts/index.html	Wed May 02 10:40:54 2012 -0400
+++ b/rdf-concepts/index.html	Wed May 02 18:13:17 2012 +0100
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 <section id="xsd-datatypes">
     <h3>The XML Schema Built-in Datatypes</h3>
-    <p class="issue">XML Schema 1.1 added a number of new datatypes:
-    <code><a href="">xsd:dateTimeStamp</a></code>,
-    <code><a href="">xsd:dayTimeDuration</a></code>,
-    <code><a href="">xsd:yearMonthDuration</a></code>, and
-    <code><a href="">xsd:precisionDecimal</a></code>.
-    Some of them are already used in RIF and OWL2. They should possibly be added
-    here as well. Also,
-    <code><a href="">xsd:duration</a></code>
-    is noted below as being unsuitable for use in RDF. The design of the type
-    has changed, so this should be reviewed. This is
-    <a href="">ISSUE-66</a>.</p>
     <p><a title="IRI">IRIs</a> of the form
     where <code><em>xxx</em></code>
@@ -800,17 +788,20 @@
         <td><a href=""><code>xsd:double</code></a></td><td>64-bit floating point numbers incl. ±Inf, ±0, NaN</td></tr>
     <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:float</code></a></td><td>32-bit floating point numbers incl. ±Inf, ±0, NaN</td></tr>
-    <tr><th rowspan="3">Time and date</th>
+    <tr><th rowspan="4">Time and date</th>
         <td><a href=""><code>xsd:date</code></a></td><td>Dates (yyyy-mm-dd) with or without timezone</td></tr>
     <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:time</code></a></td><td>Times (hh:mm:ss.sss…) with or without timezone</td></tr>
     <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:dateTime</code></a></td><td>Date and time with or without timezone</td></tr>
+    <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:dateTimeStamp</code></a></td><td>Date and time with required timezone</td></tr>
-    <tr><th rowspan="5">Recurring and<br />partial dates</th>
+    <tr><th rowspan="7">Recurring and<br />partial dates</th>
         <td><a href=""><code>xsd:gYear</code></a></td><td>Gregorian calendar year</td></tr>
     <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:gMonth</code></a></td><td>Gregorian calendar month</td></tr>
     <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:gDay</code></a></td><td>Gregorian calendar day of the month</td></tr>
     <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:gYearMonth</code></a></td><td>Gregorian calendar year and month</td></tr>
     <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:gMonthDay</code></a></td><td>Gregorian calendar month and day</td></tr>
+    <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:yearMonthDuration</code></a></td><td>Duration of time (months and years)</td></tr>
+    <tr><td><a href=""><code>xsd:dayTimeDuration</code></a></td><td>Duration of time (days, hours, minutes, seconds)</td></tr>
     <tr><th rowspan="12">Limited-range<br />integer numbers</th>
         <td><a href=""><code>xsd:byte</code></a></td><td>-128…+127 (8 bit)</td></tr>
@@ -848,9 +839,7 @@
     <div class="note">
     <li><a href=""><code>xsd:duration</code></a>
-    does not have a well-defined value space (this may be corrected
-    in later revisions of XML Schema datatypes, in which case the
-    revised datatype would be suitable for use in RDF datatyping).</li>
+    does not have a well-defined value space.</li>
     <li><a href=""><code>xsd:QName</code></a> 
     <a href=""><code>xsd:ENTITY</code></a> 
@@ -870,6 +859,12 @@
+    <p class="issue">
+    <code><a href="">xsd:duration</a></code>
+    is noted above as being unsuitable for use in RDF. The design of the type
+    has changed in XSD 1.1, so this should be reviewed. This is
+    <a href="">ISSUE-88</a>.</p>
@@ -1170,6 +1165,7 @@
   <h2>Changes from RDF 2004</h2>
+    <li>2012-05-02: Added the new XSD 1.1 datatypes <a href="">xsd:dayTimeDuration</a>, <a href="">xsd:yearMonthDuration</a> and <a href="">xsd:dateTimeStamp</a> to the list of <a>RDF-compatible XSD types</a> (<a href="">ISSUE-66</a>)</li>
     <li>2012-04-26: Remove normative definition of “property” as it disagreed with RDF Semantics; small editorial changes.</li>
     <li>2011-11-21: Updated XHTML 1.0 reference to XHTML 1.1</li>
     <li>2011-11-20: Added table of <a>RDF-compatible XSD types</a>, and definition of <a>datatype map</a>, both adapted from previous content in [[RDF-MT]]