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@@ -267,6 +267,10 @@
     "This example copies triples from one named graph to another named
+    <p class="note">Maybe we can just avoid using the term "named
+    graph" elsewhere in the document.  If we can't then we probably
+    want to say something like this:</p>
     <p>In this document, we use the term "named graph" to refer to the
     graph part of a (name, graph) pair in a dataset.  Strictly
     speaking, the graph is not itself "named" (or denoted) by the
@@ -279,7 +283,7 @@
     another dataset, and neither in a third.</p>
     <p>Eschewing common usage, we do not refer to the slot part of a
-    (name, graph) pair in a <a>graph store</a> as a "named graph",
+    (name, slot) pair in a <a>graph store</a> as a "named graph",
     instead calling it a "named layer" of that graph store.</p>