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Fixed missing paragraph in section 7.
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     on <a>RDF triple</a>s.  For example, the completeness
     of the RDFS entailment rules is easier to show with a
     generalization of RDF triples.</p>
+		<p>A <dfn title="generalized RDF triple">generalized RDF
+			triple</dfn> is a triple having a subject, a predicate
+			and object that each can be an <a title="iri">IRI</a>, a 
+			<a title="blank node">blank node</a> or a
+			<a>literal</a>. A
+			<dfn title="generalized RDF graph">generalized RDF graph</dfn>
+			is a set of generalized RDF triples. A
+			<dfn title="generalized RDF dataset">generalized RDF dataset</dfn>
+			comprises a distinguished generalized RDF graphs and zero
+			or more pairs associating an IRI, a blank node or a literal
+			to a generalized RDF graph.</p>
-    <!--
-		<p>A <dfn>generalized RDF triple</dfn> is an RDF triple
-    except that subjects, predicates, and objects
-    are all allowed to be IRIs, blank nodes, or literals.
-    A <dfn>generalized RDF graph</dfn> is an RDF graph except that 
-    the triples in it are generalized RDF triples. 
-    A <dfn>generalized RDF dataset</dfn> is an RDF
-    dataset except that the graphs
-    in it are generalized RDF graphs and the graph labels are IRIs, blank
-    nodes, or literals.</p>
-		-->
-		<p><dfn title="generalized RDF triple">Generalized RDF
-			triples</dfn>, <dfn title="generalized RDF graph">graphs</dfn>,
-			and <dfn title="generalized RDF dataset">datasets</dfn> differ
+		<p>Generalized RDF triples, graphs, and datasets differ
 			from normative RDF <a title="RDF triple">triples</a>,
 			<a title="RDF graph">graphs</a>, and
 			<a title="RDF dataset">datasets</a> only
 			by allowing <a title="IRI">IRIs</a>,
 			<a title="blank node">blank nodes</a> and
-			<a title="literal">literals</a> to appear
+			<a>literals</a> to appear
 			anywhere as subject, predicate, object or graph name.</p>
     <p class="note" id="note-generalized-rdf"> Any users of