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Fixing typos
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         &lt;Bob&gt; &lt;is interested in&gt; &lt;the Mona Lisa&gt;.
-      <p class="note">The IIRI associated with the graph is
+      <p class="note">The IRI associated with the graph is
       sometimes colloquially called the "graph name". In
       practical RDF deployment the nature of the relation between the graph IRI and
       the graph itself varies and is not necessarily a
@@ -440,7 +440,7 @@
       could, for example, be used to record graph metadata, such as
       the two last statements about publisher and license information.</p>
-      <p>In Sec. <a href="#trig-syntax">"Trig syntax"</a> an example
+      <p>Sec. <a href="#trig-syntax">"Trig syntax"</a> provides an example
     of concrete syntax for this example.</p>
     <p class="note">Multiple graphs are a recent extension of the RDF