Adding an issue on the VIAF comment
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Wed, 13 Nov 2013 11:53:06 +0000
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Adding an issue on the VIAF comment
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     <h2>RDF Vocabularies</h2>
+    <p class="issue">Not entirely sure about the VIAF example below - does it
+    belong to a section on vocabularies? Wouldn't it be better to add
+    an example of 'following your nose' to a vocabulary?</p>
     <p>The RDF data model provides a way to make statements about
     (Web) resources. As we mentioned, this data model does not make any
     assumptions about what these resources stand for. In practice, RDF
     is typically used in combination with vocabularies or other
     conventions that provide semantic information about these
-    resources.For example, if you put the VIAF IRI for Leonardo da
+    resources. For example, if you put the VIAF IRI for Leonardo da
     Vinci (see Sec. <a href="#subsection-IRI">"IRI"</a>) in your
     browser you will see a page with information about this
-    artist. VIAF maintains, amongst others, 15 million of such person
-    records. @@ ref  </p>
+    person. VIAF maintains a very large set of such person
+    records.</p>
     <p class="note">Your browser will display a HTML page. Content
     negotiation [[WEBARCH]] allows you to get the data in multiple