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       For example, the <span class="repeated">prov:value</span> of a quote could be a string of the sentences stated, or the <span class="repeated">prov:value</span> of an Entity involved in a numeric calculation could be the xsd:integer four.
 	   The property <a href="#atLocation" class="qname">prov:atLocation</a> can be used to describe the <a href="#Location" class="qname">prov:Location</a> of any 
       Entity, Activity, Agent, or <a href="#InstantaneousEvent" class="qname">prov:InstantaneousEvent</a> 
-      (i.e., generation, usage, or invalidation of an entity and the starting or ending of an activity). 
+      (i.e., the starting or ending of an activity or the generation, usage, or invalidation of an entity). 
       The properties used to describe instances of <span class="repeated">prov:Location</span> are outside the scope of PROV-O; 
       reuse of other existing vocabulary is encouraged.