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       Similar to how Activities have start and end times, an Entity may be bound by points in time for which it was generated or is no longer usable. 
 The properties <a href="#generatedAtTime" class="qname">prov:generatedAtTime</a> and <a href="#invalidatedAtTime" class="qname">prov:invalidatedAtTime</a> can be used to bound the starting and ending moments of an Entity's existence. The Activities that led to the generation or invalidation of an Entity can be provided using <span class="repeated">prov:wasGeneratedBy</span> and <a href="#wasInvalidatedBy" class="qname">prov:wasInvalidatedBy</a>, respectively. 
 <a href="#generated" class="qname">prov:generated</a> and <a href="#invalidated" class="qname">prov:invalidated</a> are the inverses of <span class="repeated">prov:wasGeneratedBy</span> and <span class="repeated">prov:wasInvalidatedBy</span>, respectively, and are defined to facilitate Activity-as-subject as well as Entity-as-subject descriptions. 
+      For more about inverses, see the non-normative <a href="#names-of-inverse-properties">Appendix B</a>.
       <p>The <strong>fifth</strong> category of expanded terms describes the lifetime of an Activity beyond its start and end times and predecessor Activities.