ACTION-101 Added informative Security Considerations section
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ACTION-101 Added informative Security Considerations section
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+<section class='informative' id='security'>
+<h1>Security Considerations</h1>
+As with any protocol that is implemented leveraging HTTP, implementations should take advantage of the many 
+security-related facilities associated with it and are not required to carry out LDP operations 
+that may be in contradistinction to a particular security policy in place. For example, when faced with an 
+unauthenticated request to replace system critical RDF statements in a graph through the PUT method, applications may
+consider responding with the 401 status code (Unauthorized), indicating that the appropriate authorization 
+is required. In cases where authentication is provided fails to meet the requirements of a particular access control 
+policy, the 403 status code (Forbidden) can be sent back to the client to indicate this failure to meet the
+access control policy.
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