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 							hassle by ommiting this information. Additionally, the hierarchy implied by a relative URI may be mimicked in a server file system, which can help developers 
 							find and work with information, even the server isn't running.</dd>
-						<dt>Relative URIs are convenient during development.</dt>
-						<dd>During development the scheme and network location information in a URI may either be unkown or likely to change. The commonly used 'localhost' for example, is better 
-							expressed by the server name or a domain name. Developers often experience less 
-							hassle by ommiting this information.</dd>
 						<dt>Relative URIs support arbitrary, machine-generated URIs.</dt>
 						<dd>RESTful URLs are often defined by a pattern of hierarchical 'collections', which 
 							clients interact with in very logical ways. For example, when creating a new resource the client does not typically know the name of the resource until after a successful POST to a collection's URL. A POST to <code>/people/</code> for example, may create the resource <code>/people/1</code>. LDP Containers are such collections whose URIs can benefit from the same model,