Tweak in wording no inferencing and todo cleanup
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Tweak in wording no inferencing and todo cleanup
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 	TODO: Search for them within this document.
 	TODO: Once companion documents (best practices, primer) have URLs, link to them.  Search on "companion".
-    TODO: Consider how to not have to explicitly list parent classes.
-    TODO: Improve LDPC intro by explaining simply that LDP-DC restricts LDPC and LDP-BC restricts LDP-DC.
 	TODO: Add new "discovery of server capabilities" non-norm section
     TODO: Missing namespace definition clause?
-    TODO: 6.2.2 -- consider rules LDP-DC MUST BE a LDPC, ... to deal with inferencing
     TODO: Consider folding LDP Clients section, feels a bit out of place
+    TODO: Consider creating LDPR sub sections R, RS, NR like LDPCs
@@ -612,7 +610,7 @@
 		MUST NOT require LDP clients to implement inferencing in order to recognize the subset
 		of content defined by LDP.  Other specifications built on top of LDP may require clients
 		to implement inferencing [[!rdf11-concepts]].  The practical implication is that all content defined by LDP
-		must be explicitly represented. 
+		must be explicitly represented, unless noted otherwise within this document.
 	</h2></section><!-- Was 4.2.11 / #ldpr-4_2_11 -->
 	<section id="ldpr-gen-defbaseuri"><h2 class="normal"><a title="LDP server">LDP servers</a> MUST assign the default 
@@ -1451,7 +1449,8 @@
 <section id="ldpc-direct">
-<!-- TODO: membership triples definitions? -->
+<!-- TODO: membership triples definitions? Could be valuable to have some informative statement here
+ such as: Direct containers add the concept of membership, flexibility of which resources associated and which predicate to indicate-->
 <p>The following section contains normative clauses for <a title="">Linked Data Platform Direct Container</a>.</p>