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 <h1 id="userstories">User Stories</h1>
-	<h2 id="story-social" title="User Story 1: Maintaining Social Contact Information">User Story 1: Maintaining Social Contact Information</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-social">Maintaining Social Contact Information</h2>
 	<p>Many of us have multiple email accounts that include
 		information about the people and organizations we interact with –
 		names, email addresses, telephone numbers, instant messenger
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-	<h2 id="story-tracking_relationships">User Story 2: Keeping Track of Personal and
+	<h2 id="story-tracking_relationships">Keeping Track of Personal and
 			Business Relationships</h2>
 	<p>In our daily lives, we deal with many different
 		organizations in many different relationships, and they each have
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-	<h2 id="story-oslc">User Story 3: System and Software Development Tool Integration</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-oslc">System and Software Development Tool Integration</h2>
 	<p>System and software development tools typically come from a
 		diverse set of vendors and are built on various architectures and
 		technologies. These tools are purpose built to meet the needs for
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-	<h2 id="story-lld">User Story 4: Library Linked Data</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-lld">Library Linked Data</h2>
 		The W3C Library Linked Data Working Group has a number of use
 		cases cited in their <i>Use Case Report</i> [[LLD-UC]]. These referenced use cases focus on the
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-	<h2 id="story-meter_monitoring">User Story 5: Municipality Operational Monitoring</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-meter_monitoring">Municipality Operational Monitoring</h2>
 		Across various cities, towns, counties, and various municipalities
 		there is a growing number of services managed and run by
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-	<h2 id="story-healthcare">User Story 6: Healthcare</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-healthcare">Healthcare</h2>
 	<p>For physicians to analyze, diagnose, and propose treatment
 		for patients requires a vast amount of complex, changing and
 		growing knowledge. This knowledge needs to come from a number of
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-	<h2 id="story-media">User Story 7: Metadata Enrichment in Broadcasting</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-media">Metadata Enrichment in Broadcasting</h2>
 		There are many different use cases when broadcasters show interest
 		in metadata <a href="#uc-update_existing" title="">
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-	<h2 id="story-mashup">User Story 8: Aggregation and Mashups of Infrastructure Data</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-mashup">Aggregation and Mashups of Infrastructure Data</h2>
 		For infrastructure management (such as storage systems, virtual
 		machine environments, and similar IaaS and PaaS concepts), it is
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-	<h2 id="story-low-end_devices">User Story 9: Sharing Payload of RDF Data Among Low-End Devices</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-low-end_devices">Sharing Payload of RDF Data Among Low-End Devices</h2>
 		Several projects around the idea of <a
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-	<h2 id="story-binary_and_metadata">User Story 10: Sharing Binary Resources and Metadata</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-binary_and_metadata">Sharing Binary Resources and Metadata</h2>
 	<p>When publishing datasets about stars one may want to publish
 		links to the pictures in which those stars appear, and this may
 		well require publishing the pictures themselves. Vice versa: when
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-	<h2 id="story-data_catalogs">User Story 11: Data Catalogs</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-data_catalogs">Data Catalogs</h2>
 		The <em>Asset Description Metadata Schema</em> (<a
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-	<h2 id="story-constrained_devices">User Story 12: Constrained Devices and Networks</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-constrained_devices">Constrained Devices and Networks</h2>
 		Information coming from resource constrained devices in the Web of
 		Things (<a href=""
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-	<h2 id="story-process_of_science">User Story 13: Services Supporting the Process of Science</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-process_of_science">Services Supporting the Process of Science</h2>
 	<p>Many fields of science now include branches with in silico
 		data-intensive methods, e.g. bioinformatics, astronomy. To support
 		these new methods we look to move beyond the established platforms
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-	<h2 id="story-project_data">User Story 14: Project Membership Information</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-project_data">Project Membership Information</h2>
 	<p>Information about people and projects changes as roles
 		change, as organisations change and as contact details change.
 		Finding the current state of a project is important in enabling
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-	<h2 id="story-cloud">User Story 15: Cloud Infrastructure Management</h2>
+	<h2 id="story-cloud">Cloud Infrastructure Management</h2>
 	<p>Cloud operators offer API support to provide customers with
 		remote access for the management of Cloud infrastructure (IaaS).
 		Infrastructure consists of Systems, Computers, Networks, Discs,
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 		not be interpreted normatively.</p>
-	<h2 id="uc-manage_containers">Use Case 1: Manage containers</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-manage_containers">UC1: Manage containers</h2>
 		A number of user stories introduce the idea of a <i>container</i>
 		as a mechanism for creating and managing resources within the
@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@
 		<li>Provide "access guidance" (affordances)
-			from user story, <a href="#story-social"></a>.
+			from user story, <i>Maintaining Social Contact Information</i>, <a href="#story-social"></a>.
@@ -795,7 +795,7 @@
-	<h2 id="uc-manage_resources">Use Case 2: Manage resources</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-manage_resources">UC2: Manage resources</h2>
 		This use case addresses the managed lifecycle of a resource and is
 		concerned with resource <i>ownership</i>. The responsibility for
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-	<h2 id="uc-retrieve_resource_description">Use Case 3: Retrieve resource description</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-retrieve_resource_description">UC3: Retrieve resource description</h2>
 	<p>Access the current description of a resource, containing
 		properties of that resource and links to related resources. The
 		representation may include descriptions of related resources that
@@ -1008,7 +1008,7 @@
-	<h2 id="uc-update_existing">Use Case 4: Update existing resource</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-update_existing">UC4: Update existing resource</h2>
 		Change the RDF description of a LDP resource, potentially removing
 		or overwriting existing data. This allows applications to <i>enrich</i>
@@ -1119,7 +1119,7 @@
-	<h2 id="uc-has_resource_changed">Use Case 5: Determine if a resource has changed</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-has_resource_changed">UC5: Determine if a resource has changed</h2>
 		It should be possible to retrieve versioning information about a
 		resource (e.g. last modified or entity tag) without having to
@@ -1182,7 +1182,7 @@
-	<h2 id="uc-aggregate_resources">Use Case 6: Aggregate resources</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-aggregate_resources">UC6: Aggregate resources</h2>
 		There is a requirement to be able to manage <i>collections</i> of
 		resources. The concept of a collection overlaps with, but is
@@ -1277,7 +1277,7 @@
-	<h2 id="uc-filter_resource_description">Use Case 7: Filter resource description</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-filter_resource_description">UC7: Filter resource description</h2>
 	<p>This use case extends the normal behaviour of retrieving an
 		RDF description of a resource, by dynamically excluding specific
 		(membership) properties. For containers, it is often desirable to
@@ -1356,7 +1356,7 @@
-		<h2 id="uc-pagination">Use case 8: Retrieve a large resource description in multiple parts</h2>
+		<h2 id="uc-pagination">UC8: Retrieve a large resource description in multiple parts</h2>
 <p>This use case addresses a problem with the “resource-centric” approach to interacting with RDF data. The problem is that some resources participate in a very large number of triples, and therefore a “resource-centric” granularity leads to resource descriptions that are too large to be practically processed in a single HTTP request. This use case applies to all resources, not just containers.</p>
@@ -1400,7 +1400,7 @@
-	<h2 id="uc-manage_media_resources">Use Case 9: Manage media resources</h2>
+	<h2 id="uc-manage_media_resources">UC9: Manage media resources</h2>
 	<p>It should be possible to easily add non-RDF media resources
 		to containers that accept them. Media resources may be updated and
 		removed during the lifecycle of the container.</p>