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trying to fix the compound document issue
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     <p>Types of LDPRs:
-      <img src="./images/resources.png" alt="Types of LDPRs">
+      <img src="resources.png" alt="Types of LDPRs">
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       Therefore a LDPC is a specialization of a LDP-RS representing a collection of links to LDPRs or information resources [<cite><a class="bibref" href="">WEBARCH</a></cite>] that responds to client requests for creation, modification, and/or enumeration of its linked members and documents. The simplest container is the Basic Container (LDP-BC). It defines the basic containment described using a generic vocabulary. This can be used in a generic storage service to manage a containment hierarchy of arbitrary resources.
     <figure id="fig-bc">
-      <img src="./images/bc.png" alt="..">
+      <img src="bc.png" alt="..">
       <figcaption>Fig. <span class="figno">1</span> <span class="fig-title">Generic document storage using a Basic Container.</span></figcaption>
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       A Direct Container is a specialisation of a Basic Container. Additional assertions called membership triples which use a domain-specific vocabulary are made by a Direct Container as part of the creation process. The membership triples augment the containment triples maintained by all containers. For example, one aspect of a Product inventory system concerns the how a Direct Container is used for the management of a Product portfolio, where use of existing vocabularly is preferable.  
     <figure id="fig-dc1">
-      <img src="./images/dc1.png" alt="..">
+      <img src="dc1.png" alt="..">
       <figcaption>Fig. <span class="figno">2</span> <span class="fig-title">Using domain vocabularly with a Direct container.</span></figcaption>
       Direct Container membership triples can be about subjects other than the Container resource. An example is a Photo management application where a Photo Container is used for the management of Photos, and where membership triples then express the relationship between a User and a Photo. 
     <figure id="fig-dc_photos">
-      <img src="./images/dc_photos.png" alt="..">
+      <img src="dc_photos.png" alt="..">
       <figcaption>Fig. <span class="figno">3</span> <span class="fig-title">Membership triples with a non-Container subject.</span></figcaption>
       Another common pattern is where different facets of a Resource be managed using multiple Containers. For example, a Bug Report has an associated list of Comments as well as supportive media resources.
     <figure id="fig-dc_bugs">
-      <img src="./images/dc_bugs.png" alt="..">
+      <img src="dc_bugs.png" alt="..">
       <figcaption>Fig. <span class="figno">4</span> <span class="fig-title">Managing multiple facets of a Bug with two Direct Containers.</span></figcaption>
@@ -729,7 +729,7 @@
     <figure id="fig-bcs">
-      <img src="./images/bcs.png" alt="..">
+      <img src="bcs.png" alt="..">
       <figcaption>Fig. <span class="figno">5</span> <span class="fig-title">Child Containers inside a Basic Container.</span></figcaption>
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