ISSUE-24: Should DELETED resources remain deleted?
Sat, 03 Nov 2012 05:31:12 -0400
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ISSUE-24: Should DELETED resources remain deleted?
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@@ -437,20 +437,15 @@
 	<div id="ldpr-4_5_1" class="rule">4.5.1 LDPR servers MUST remove the resource identified by the Request-URI.
 		After a successful HTTP DELETE, a subsequent HTTP GET on the same
 		Request-URI MUST result in a 404 (Not found) or 410 (Gone) status
-		code, until another resource is created or associated with the same
-		Request-URI.
+		code. Clients SHOULD note that severs MAY reuse a Request-URI under some circumstances.
 	<div id="ldpr-4_5_2" class="rule">4.5.2 LDPR servers MAY alter the state of other resources as a result of an
 		HTTP DELETE request. For example, it is acceptable for the server to
 		remove triples from other resources whose subject or object is the
 		deleted resource. It is also acceptable and common for LDPR servers to
 		not do this – behavior is server application specific.
-	<div class="ldp-issue">
-	<div class="ldp-issue-title"><a href="">ISSUE-24</a></div>
-	Should DELETED resources remain deleted?
-	</div>
@@ -1266,8 +1261,11 @@
 	<li>2012-10-14 - Added open ISSUES and formating to prep for public working draft (SS)</li>
 	<li>2012-10-15 - ISSUE-8 Changed references from LDBP to LDP, removed definition for "profile" and new namespace (SS)</li>	
 	<li>2012-10-15 - Included additional open ISSUES from Oct 15 WG meeting: 22, 23, 24 (SS)</li>
+	<em>First Public Working Draft</em>
 	<li>2012-11-01 - Fixed minor typo and added some notes (SS)</li>
 	<li>2012-11-03 - ISSUE-22, ISSUE-23: changed sections 4.2.3 and 5.4.7. Removed closed issues. (SS)</li>
+	<li>2012-11-03 - ISSUE-24 Delete the phrase in 4.5.1 that nays "until ...Request URI" 
+	and adding a sentence, "Clients should note that severs may reuse a Request-URI under some circumstances."</li>
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