Updates to address public review comment
authorJohn Arwe
Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:44:29 -0400
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Updates to address public review comment
--- a/ldp-paging.html	Mon Jul 28 12:17:48 2014 -0400
+++ b/ldp-paging.html	Mon Jul 28 12:44:29 2014 -0400
@@ -1148,7 +1148,7 @@
 		parameters on the HTTP <code>Prefer</code> request header's
 		<code>return=representation</code> preference [[!RFC7240]], <a href="#ldpp-client-advertise">used by clients</a> to 
 		supply a preference that helps the server form a response that is most appropriate to 
-		the client's needs.  The preference serves several purposes:
+		the client's needs.  The <code>page-size</code> parameter serves several purposes:
 		<li>It signals the client's support for LDP Paging to the request server</li>
 		<li>It communicates the client's maximum desired size for a response representation</li>
@@ -1158,7 +1158,9 @@
 		LDP Paging defines <code>page-size</code> as a new parameter on the existing 
 		HTTP <code>Prefer</code> request header's
-		<code>return=representation</code> preference [[!RFC7240]].
+		<code>return=representation</code> preference [[!RFC7240]]; the presence of this parameter
+		on the preference, not the preference alone, is what indicates to a server that the client
+		supports LDP Paging.
 		A client communicates its hint to the server by adding the
 		request header with a 
 		<code>return=representation</code> preference that includes a
@@ -1272,6 +1274,13 @@
 		the client is interested in processing,
 		to influence the amount of data returned in representations.</h2> 
+		<em>Non-normative note</em>: LDP server implementers should be careful not to interpret a 
+		<code>Prefer return=representation</code> request header that <em>lacks</em> a
+		<code>page-size</code> parameter as a client's request for a <a>paged resource</a>.
+		<a href="#ldpp-hints">A client's hints</a> indicate LDP Paging support <em>only</em>
+		when the <code>page-size</code> parameter defined by this specification is present.
+	</blockquote>
+	<blockquote>
 		<em>Non-normative note</em>: LDP server implementers should carefully consider the effects of these
 		preferences on caching, as described in section 2 of [[!RFC7240]].
@@ -1997,6 +2006,7 @@
 <!-- <blockquote><em><a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/2013/WD-ldp-paging-20140930/">Candidate Recommendation Draft</a></em></blockquote> wah -->
 <!-- <blockquote><em><a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/2013/WD-ldp-paging-20140730/">Last Call Draft</a></em></blockquote> -->
+	<li>2014-07-28 - Updates to address public review comment (JA) </li>
 	<li>2014-07-17 - Fixed minor spelling/grammar and validation problems (SS)</li>
 	<li>2014-07-15 - Final updates hopefully before LC2 draft issued (JA) </li>
 	<li>2014-07-09 - Fix Ashok's emailed comments (JA) </li>