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Changed SOTD as recommended by Arnaud
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 		from the Linked Data Platform [<cite><a href="#bib-LDP" class="bibref">LDP</a></cite>].  A test suite has also been made available [<cite><a href="#bib-LDP-PAGING-TESTSUITE" class="bibref">LDP-PAGING-TESTSUITE</a></cite>]. 
-   Due to lack of sufficient implementations, this specification is being published as a W3C NOTE.
+   This specification was previously published as a Candidate Recommendation (CR). Due to lack of sufficient 
+   implementations to meet the CR exit criteria within the time remaining under the current charter, the Working Group 
+   decided to take it off the W3C Recommendation track and publish it as a W3C Note for future reference. 
+   This document may be reused in part or in whole by another WG in the future, or not.</p>
+   <p> 
           This document was published by the <a href="">Linked Data Platform Working Group</a> as a Working Group Note.