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-	TODO: Search for them within this document.
-	TODO: Once companion documents (best practices, primer) have URLs, link to them.  Search on "companion".
 	TODO: Add new "discovery of server capabilities" non-norm section
     TODO: Consider adding Venn diagram for differences of LDPCs
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 	<p>This specification discusses standard HTTP and RDF techniques  
 	used when constructing clients and servers that 
 	create, read, and write <a title="Linked Data Platform Resource">Linked Data Platform Resources</a>.
-	A companion document discusses best practices that you 
+	<a
+			href=""
+			class="external"
+			title="Linked Data Platform 1.0 Primer"
+			rel="nofollow">LDP Primer</a> 
+	provides an entry-level introduction with many examples in the context of a fictional application.
+	<a
+			href=""
+			class="external"
+			title="LDP Best Practices and Guidelines"
+			rel="nofollow">LDP Best Practices and Guidelines</a> 
+			discusses best practices that you 
 	should use, and anti-patterns you should avoid, when constructing these clients and servers.
 	<p>This specification defines a special type of <a>Linked Data Platform Resource</a>: a 
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 		<li>How	do I GET the representation of a large resource broken up into pages?</li>
 	<p>Additional non-normative guidance is available in the <a
-			href=""
+			href=""
 			title="LDP Best Practices and Guidelines"
-			rel="nofollow">LDP Best Practices and Guidelines editor's draft</a> that addresses
+			rel="nofollow">LDP Best Practices and Guidelines</a> that addresses
 		questions such as:</p>
 		<li>What literal value types should be used?</li>
 		<li>Are there some typical vocabularies that should be reused?</li>
+		<li>What guidelines exist when interacting with LDPRs that are common but are not universal enough to specify normatively?</li>
 	<p>The following sections define the conformance rules for LDP servers when serving LDPRs.
-	Companion non-normative documents describe additional guidelines for use when interacting with LDPRs. 
 	<p>LDP-RS's representations may be too big, one strategy is to break up the response representation
 	into client consumable chunks called pages. A separate LDP specification outlines the conformance
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 <blockquote><em><a href="">Last Call Working Draft 3</a></em></blockquote> -->
+	<li>2014-09-08 - Add link to Best Practices now that it has been published (JA) </li>
 	<li>2014-09-08 - Indirect containers (at risk) (JA) </li>
 	<li>2014-09-08 - Should return Turtle if Accept is absent, JSON-LD required (at risk), clarify creates  (JA) </li>
 	<li>2014-09-08 - Changed the constraints link relation to ldp#constrainedBy, per today's mtg resolution  (JA) </li>