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added note on required rewriting.
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       <p>First Alice looks up her storage by retrieving the LDP Basic Container assigned to her to hold her documents.
  Alice's LDP client does this by sending a GET request to the Resource, &lt;;. </p>
-      <pre title="Request - basic container retreival" class='example' data-include='getbc.txt' data-oninclude='fixCode'>
+      <pre title="Request - basic container retrieval" class='example' data-include='getbc.txt' data-oninclude='fixCode'>
       <p>As her document storage was just created, it is an empty container. </p>
-      <pre title="Response - basic container retreival" class='example' data-include='getbc_res.txt' data-oninclude='fixCode'></pre> 
+      <pre title="Response - basic container retrieval" class='example' data-include='getbc_res.txt' data-oninclude='fixCode'></pre> 
       <p> As shown in the example, in addition to the RDF representation of the Basic Container using the requested media type the server provides an E-tag of the resource representation and Link headers advertising that the requested resource is indeed an LDP Basic Container and it will support the LDP interaction model.
@@ -532,6 +532,8 @@
 Content-Length: 0       
+<p class="issue">Since GET on a container returns Allow this section must be rewritten with that in mind. Note,
+that it is also possible for a GET to return the Accept-Post headers which would reduce the need for OPTIONS.</p>
       <p>According to the response, HTTP operations {OPTIONS,HEAD, GET,POST,PUT,PATCH} are allowed on her root container.
  In addition to the allowed operations, Accept-Post and Accept-Patch provides which media types are supported by the respective operations.
  The rel="type" Link header advertises that this resource supports LDP protocol and it is an LDP Basic Container.</p>