Changed ldp:ascending->ldp:Ascending, ldp:descending->ldp:Descending, ldp:non-member-resource ->ldp:nonMemberResource
Wed, 24 Jul 2013 07:50:20 -0400
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Changed ldp:ascending->ldp:Ascending, ldp:descending->ldp:Descending, ldp:non-member-resource ->ldp:nonMemberResource
--- a/ldp.html	Wed Jul 24 07:39:26 2013 -0400
+++ b/ldp.html	Wed Jul 24 07:50:20 2013 -0400
@@ -1197,7 +1197,7 @@
    a ldp:ContainerSortCriterion;
-   ldp:containerSortOrder ldp:ascendingOrder;
+   ldp:containerSortOrder ldp:Ascending;
    ldp:containerSortPredicate o:value.
@@ -1384,7 +1384,7 @@
 		whose subject is the sort criterion identifier, 
 		whose predicate is <code>ldp:containerSortOrder</code> 
 		and whose object describes the order used.  LDP defines two values,
-		<code>ldp:ascending</code> and <code>ldp:descending</code>, for use
+		<code>ldp:Ascending</code> and <code>ldp:Descending</code>, for use
 		as the object of this triple.  Other values can be used, but LDP
 		assigns no meaning to them and interoperability will be limited.
@@ -1606,7 +1606,7 @@
 		In responses to <code>OPTIONS</code> requests with an LDPC as the <code>Request-URI</code>, 
 		LDPC servers that define a non-member resource SHOULD provide an HTTP <code>Link</code>
 		header whose target URI is the <a>non-member resource</a>, and whose link relation type is 
-		<code></code> [[!RFC5988]]. 
+		<code></code> [[!RFC5988]]. 
 		This is the mechanism by which clients discover the URL of the non-member resource.  
 		If no such <code>Link</code>
 		header is present, then conservative clients will assume that the LDPC does not have a corresponding
@@ -1614,7 +1614,7 @@
 		For example, if there is a LDPC with URL <code>&lt;containerURL&gt;</code> whose corresponding
 		non-member resource 
 		URL is <code>&lt;containerURL&gt;?nonMemberProperties</code>, then the corresponding link header
-		would be <code>Link: &lt;?nonMemberProperties&gt;;rel=""</code>
+		would be <code>Link: &lt;?nonMemberProperties&gt;;rel=""</code>
 	<div id="ldpc-5_9_2" class="rule">5.9.2 When a LDPC creates a non-LDPR (e.g. binary) member (for example, one whose 
@@ -1677,7 +1677,7 @@
 		those requirements, the representation MUST contain a triple
 		whose subject is the <code>ldp:Page</code> resource URI,
 		whose predicate is <code>ldp:membersInlined</code>, and
-		whose object is <code>true</code>.
+		whose object is <code>"true"^^xsd:boolean</code>.
 		This is means by which the server communicates to LDP clients that they can avoid HTTP <code>GET</code>
 		requests for the members listed on the page.
@@ -1792,6 +1792,7 @@
 <blockquote><em><a href="">Third Public Working Draft</a></em></blockquote>
+	<li>2013-07-24 - Changed ldp:ascending->ldp:Ascending, ldp:descending->ldp:Descending, ldp:non-member-resource ->ldp:nonMemberResource (SS)</li>
 	<li>2013-07-24 - Added term <a title="Page resource"></a> (SS)</li>
 	<li>2013-07-24 - Removed and added 4.2.12 to better handle base/rel URI (SS)</li>
     <li>2013-07-23 - Added informative <a href="#ldpr-informative" class="sectionRef"></a>, therefore shifting all sections by one 4.1->4.2, etc (SS)</li>
--- a/ldp.ttl	Wed Jul 24 07:39:26 2013 -0400
+++ b/ldp.ttl	Wed Jul 24 07:50:20 2013 -0400
@@ -80,19 +80,19 @@
 	rdfs:label "containerSortCollation";
 	rdfs:range rdf:Property.
  	a rdf:Description;		# individual
 	rdfs:comment "Ascending order.";
 	vs:term_status "unstable";
 	rdfs:isDefinedBy :;
-	rdfs:label "ascending".
+	rdfs:label "Ascending".
  	a rdf:Description;		# individual
 	rdfs:comment "Descending order.";
 	vs:term_status "unstable";
 	rdfs:isDefinedBy :;
-	rdfs:label "descending".
+	rdfs:label "Descending".
 	a rdf:Property;
@@ -155,12 +155,12 @@
 	rdfs:label "pageOf";
 	rdfs:range :Resource.
 	a rdf:Description;
 	rdfs:comment "Extension link relation type URI for use in HTTP Link header.  When a server offers clients the ability to retrieve non-member properties of an LDPC through an associated non-member resource, this Link header is how clients discover the existence of that resource and its URI.";
 	vs:term_status "unstable";
 	rdfs:isDefinedBy :;
-	rdfs:label "non-member-resource";
+	rdfs:label "nonMemberResource";
 	rdfs:domain :Container;
 	rdfs:range :Resource.