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     <title>Linked Data Platform 1.0</title>
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       === NOTA BENE ===
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 	<code>return=representation</code> preference [[!Prefer]], used optionally by clients to 
 	supply a hint to help the server form a response that is most appropriate to 
 	the client's needs.  The LDP-defined parameters suggest the portion(s) of a resource's state that the 
-	client application is interested in, and if received is likely to be 
+	client application is interested in and, if received, is likely to be 
 	processed.  LDP Containers with large numbers of associated documents 
 	and/or members will have large representations, and many client 
 	applications may be interested in processing only a subset of the LDPC's 
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 		<code>omit-parameter = "omit" *WSP "=" *WSP ldp-uri-list</code>
 		Where <code>WSP</code> is whitespace [[!RFC4234]], and
-		<code>ldp-uri-list</code> is re-uses the definition from <a href="#">include</a>.
+		<code>ldp-uri-list</code> is a blank-delimited unordered set of URIs whose ABNF is given below.
 		The generic preference BNF [[!Prefer]] allows either a quoted string or a token as the value of a 
 		preference parameter; LDP assigns a meaning to the value only when it is a quoted string of
-		the form in the ABNF.
+		the form: