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added people 2 rooms example
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 <h2 id="characteristics">What is a person?</h2>
 <p>The core concept we are dealing with in this document is that of a person. A <dfn>person</dfn> in the context of this specification is defined as an entity of type <code><a href="" title="FOAF Vocabulary Specification">foaf:Person</a></code>.</p>
 <p>If only the person's name is known <code><a href="" title="FOAF Vocabulary Specification">foaf:name</a></code> MUST be used.</p>
-<pre class='example'>
+<pre class="example">
  &lt;örkg&gt; rdf:type foaf:Person ;
                                         foaf:name "Björk Guðmundsdóttir" .
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 	<li>the link type used between a person and a contact information MUST be <code><a href="#gldp-terms-card">gldp:card</a></code>. <p class="editorsnote"><a href="">ISSUE-24</a></p></li>
-<pre class='example'>
+<pre class="example">
  @prefix gldp: &lt;; .
  @prefix : &lt;; .
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
 	<li>To state that one person knows another person, <code><a href="" title="FOAF Vocabulary Specification">foaf:knows</a></code> MUST be used.</li>
 	<li>To state other relationships between people, the <a href="" title="RELATIONSHIP: A vocabulary for describing relationships between people">RELATIONSHIP vocabulary</a> SHOULD be used.</li>
-<pre class='example'>
+<pre class="example">
  &lt;; foaf:knows &lt;; .
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
 <h3 id="relations-to-org">Relating a person to an organization</h3>
 <p>In order to relate a person to an organization one MUST use the <a href="">Organization Ontology</a>.</p>
-<pre class='example'>
+<pre class="example">
  &lt;; a org:FormalOrganization .
  &lt;; a foaf:Person .
@@ -128,6 +128,19 @@
 <h3 id="relations-to-building-room">Relating a person to a building or room</h3>
 <p>In order to relate a person to a building or room one MUST use the <a href="">Buildings and Rooms Vocabulary</a>.</p>
+<p>To state that a person is located in a building or room <code><a href="" title="Buildings and Rooms Vocabulary">rooms:occupant</a></code> MUST be used.</p>
+<pre class="example">
+ @prefix rooms: &lt;; .
+ @prefix :  &lt;&gt;.
+ &lt;; a foaf:Person .
+ :CCHQ a rooms:Building ;
+       rooms:contains :r101 .
+ :r101 a rooms:Room ;
+       rooms:occupant &lt;; .
 <p class="editorsnote"><a href="">ISSUE-23</a></p>