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                             url: "mailto:[email protected]?subject=MediaStream Capture Scenarios Feedback",
                             companyURL: ""}],
                   publishDate:  "2013-01-18",
-                  edDraftURI:   "",
+                  edDraftURI:   "",
+	       overrideCopyright:  "<p class='copyright'>Initial Author of this Specification was Ian Hickson, Google Inc., with the following copyright statement:<br /> &#169; Copyright 2004-2011 Apple Computer, Inc., Mozilla Foundation, and Opera Software ASA. You are granted a license to use, reproduce and create derivative works of this document.<\/p> <p class='copyright'>All subsequent changes since 26 July 2011 done by the W3C WebRTC Working Group and the Device APIs Working Group are under the following <a href=''>Copyright<\/a>:<br />&#169; 2011-2012 <a href=''><acronym title='World Wide Web Consortium'>W3C<\/acronym><\/a><sup>&#174;<\/sup> (<a href=''><acronym title='Massachusetts Institute of Technology'>MIT<\/acronym><\/a>, <a href=''><acronym title='European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics'>ERCIM<\/acronym><\/a>, <a href=''>Keio<\/a>), All Rights Reserved. <a href=''>Document use<\/a>  rules apply.<\/p> <p class='copyright'>For the entire publication on the W3C site the <a href=''>liability<\/a> and <a href=''>trademark<\/a> rules apply.<\/p>",
                   previousPublishDate: null,
                   prevED: "",
                   noIDLIn:  true,
                   inlineCSS:  true,
                   noRecTrack:  true,
-                  shortName:  "recording",
+                  shortName:  "mediastream-recording",
                   extraCSS: [""],
 	    wg: ["Web Real-Time Communication Working Group", "Device APIs Working Group"]          ,
@@ -87,8 +88,8 @@
     <p>This document is not complete. It is subject to major changes and, while
     early experimentations are encouraged, it is therefore not intended for
-    implementation. 
-    The Media Capture Task Force expects this specification to evolve
+    implementation.
+    The Media Capture Task Force, a joint task force of the Device APIs and WebRTC Working Groups, expects this specification to evolve
     significantly based on:</p>