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 			MediaStream is muted at any time (i.e., if its <code>readyState</code> is set to <code>muted</code>), the UA
 			<em title="must" class="rfc2119">must</em> insert black frames or silence until the Track is unmuted. If the UA is 
 			unable to start recording or at any point is unable to continue recording, it <em title="must" class="rfc2119">must</em> raise 
-			a <code>recordingerror</code> event, follwowed by a <code>dataavailable</code> event containing
+			a <code>recordingerror</code> event, followed by a <code>dataavailable</code> event containing
 			the Blob it has gathered, followed by the <code>stoprecording</code> event.    
 		<dl class='parameters'>