adding mix-in-the-client feature to radio broadcast scenario. See Also bugzilla 17695
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adding mix-in-the-client feature to radio broadcast scenario. See Also bugzilla 17695
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       <p>The guest interface supports a single live audio source from a choice of any local microphone.</p>
       <p>The audience interface delivers the channel's broadcast mix, but also offers basic volume and EQ control plus the ability to pause/rewind/resume the live stream. Optionally, the user can slow down the content of the audio without changing its pitch, for example to aid in understanding a foreign language.</p>
+      <p>An advanced feature would give the audience control over the mix itself. The mix of tracks and sources created by the broadcaster would be a default, but the listener would have the abolity to create a different mix. For instance, in the case of a radio play with a mix of voices, sound effects and music, the listener could be offered an interface to control the relative volume of the voices to effects and music, or create a binaural mix tailored specifically to their taste. Such a feature would provide valuable personalisation of the radio experience, as well as significant accessibility enhancements.</p>
       <h4>Notes and Implementation Considerations</h4>
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           </p></li><li><p> <a href="" title="">API for Media Resources 1.0</a>. This API provides developers with a convenient access to metadata information stored in different metadata formats. It provides means to access the set of metadata properties defined in the Ontology for Media Resources 1.0 specification. 
+        <li>The ability for the listeners to create their own mix rely on the possibility of sending multiple tracks in the RTC stream. This is in scope of the current WebRTC specification, where one <code>MediaStream</code> can have multiple <code>MediaStreamTrack</code>s.</li>