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           // if there is a previously published draft, uncomment this and set its YYYY-MM-DD date
           // and its maturity status
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           previousMaturity:  "ED",
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+          previousURI:       "",
           // if there a publicly available Editors Draft, this is the link
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           // only "name" is required
           editors:  [
               { name: "Manu Sporny", mailto:"[email protected]",
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-              { name: "St├ęphane Corlosquet", mailto:"[email protected]",
-                  company: "Massachusetts General Hospital", companyURL: "" }
+                  company: "Digital Bazaar, Inc.", companyURL: "" }
           // authors, add as many as you like. 
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           // alternate formats for this document
           alternateFormats: [
-              { uri: 'drafts/ED-webid-20100809/diff-20100725.html', 
+              { uri: 'diff-20100711.html', 
                   label: "Diff from previous Editors Draft" }],
           // URI of the patent status for this WG, for Rec-track documents
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    X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:
-<p class="issue">TODO: cover the case where there are more than one URI entry</p>
 <dt><tdef>WebID URI</tdef></dt>
@@ -449,13 +445,13 @@
 WebID Profile document. Alternate RDF serialization
 formats, such as N3 [[!N3]] or Turtle [[!TURTLE]], MAY be supported by the 
 mechanism providing the WebID Profile document.
-<p class="issue">Whether or not RDF/XML, XHTML+RDFa 1.1, both or neither
-serialization of RDF should be required serialization formats in the 
-specification is currently under heavy debate.</p>
+<p class="issue">Whether or not RDF/XML, XHTML+RDFa 1.1, both or neither
+serialization of RDF should be required serialization formats in the 
+specification is currently under heavy debate.</p>
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 <section class='normative'>
 <h1>Creating the certificate</h1>
-<p>The user agent will create a <tref>Identification Certificate</tref> with a
-<code>Subject Alternative Name</code> URI entry. This URI must be one that
-dereferences to a document the user controls so that he can publish the
-public key of the <tref>Identification Certificate</tref> at this URI.</p>
-<p>For example, if a user Joe controls <code>http://joe.example/profile</code>,
-then his WebID can be <code>http://joe.example/profile#me</code></p>
-<p class="issue">explain why the WebID URI is different from the URI of the WebID profile document.</p>
+<p>The user agent will create an X.509 Certificate with a Subject Alternative Name URI. The URI must be one that points to a document the user controls, as he will have to add information to that document at that URI. </p>
+<p>Suppose for sake of example that the X.509 Certificate contains the public key
+  User controls http://joe.example/profile then his WebID can be
+  http://joe.example/profile#me
 <p>As an example to use throughout this specification here is the 
 following certificate as an output of the openssl program.</p>
 <p class="example">
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 <section class='normative'>
-<h1>Publishing the WebID Profile Document</h1>
+<h1>Publishing the Profile Document</h1>
-<p>The <tref>WebID Profile</tref> document MUST expose the relation between the
-<tref>WebID URI</tref> and the <tref>Identification Agent</tref>'s <tref>public key</tref>s
-using the <code>cert</code> and <code>rsa</code> ontologies, as well as the
-<code>cert</code> or <code>xsd</code> datatypes. The set of relations to be
-published at the <tref>WebID Profile</tref> document can be presented in a
-graphical notation as follows.</p>
+<p>The profile document must expose the relation between the WebID and the
+<tref>Identification Agent</tref>'s public keys at the location of the <tref>WebID document</tref>. It will do that using the cert, rsa ontologies, and the cert or xsd datatypes.  The set of relations to be published at the <tref>WebID document</tref> can be presented in a graphical notation as follows.</p>
 <img alt="Web ID graph" src="img/WebIdGraph.jpg"/>
 <p>The document can publish many more relations than are of interest to the WebID protocol, as shown in the above graph by the grayed out relations.</p>
 <p>The encoding of this graph is immaterial to the protocol, so long as a well known mapping to the format of the representation to such a graph can be found. Below we discuss the most well known formats, and a method for dealing with new unknown formats as they come along.</p>
@@ -668,6 +657,7 @@
 <h1>The WebID Protocol</h1>
 <section class='normative'>
+<section class='normative'>
 <h1>Authentication Sequence</h1>
 <p>The following steps are executed by <tref>Verification Agent</tref>s and
@@ -911,7 +901,6 @@
 <section class='appendix informative' id="history">
 <h1>Change History</h1>
-<p><a href="">2010-08-09</a> Updates from WebID community: moved OpenID/OAuth sections to separate document, switched to the URI terminology instead of URL, added "Creating the certificate" and "Publishing the WebID Profile document" sections with a WebID graph and serializations in Turtle and RDFa, improved SPARQL queries using literal notation with cert datatypes, updated list of contributors, and many other fixes.</p>
 <p><a href="">2010-07-25</a> Added WebID Profile section.</p>
 <p><a href="">2010-07-18</a> Updates from WebID community related to RDF/XML support, authentication sequence corrections, abstract and introduction updates.</p>
 <p><a href="">2010-07-11</a> Initial version.</p>