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Added section on how to provide feedback to README.
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+Don't e-mail patches to the editors, don't send tweets, IMs, or e-mails. 
+Log bugs if you want to request changes to the spec, it is the only way 
+you can make sure that your input will be tracked and considered by 
+the group:
+When logging an issue, be very specific about the problem and the
+exact change and wording that you would like to suggest. The easier
+you make changing the spec, the more likely that your change will be
+placed into the specification.
-To contribute to the specification:
+To directly contribute to the specification:
-1. You MUST modify the source code via github. Don't e-mail patches to the
-   editor.
+1. You MUST modify the 'index-respec.html' file via github - it is the
+   primary source document.
 2. You MUST agree to transferring the specification text to a governing
    specification body such as the IETF or W3C when the time comes to 
    transition the documents to an official specification.