Formal AC Review draft.
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Formal AC Review draft.
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       based on the <a href="">1 September 2015 Process Document</a>, which is the
       currently operative W3C Process.</p>
-    <p>This draft is proposed to the W3C Advisory Committee, for approval to request formal Advisory Committee review on whether
-      to adopt this as the new operative Process document.</p>
+    <p>This draft is offered for an Advisory Committee Review on the proposal to adopt this as the new
+      operative Process document. W3C Advisory Committee Representatives are invited to 
+      <a href="">complete the review form</a> before 
+      9 December 2016.</p>
     <p>Further revision is expected to take place in a new version of the Process as required.</p>
-    <p>A <a href="#changes">history of changes</a> since the 1 September 2015 Process Document is provided. A log of
+    <p>A <a href="#changes">history of substantial changes</a> since the 1 September 2015 Process Document is provided. A log of
       <a href="">all changes in diff format</a> is available, as is an
-      <a href="">"HTML diff-marked" comparison</a>
+      <a href="">"HTML diff-marked" comparison</a>
       to the 1 September document</a>.</p>
     <p>Comment is invited on the draft. Please send comments to
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         Tantek Çelik (Mozilla), Michael Champion (Microsoft), Maria Courtemanche (IBM), Donald Deutsch (Oracle),
         Geoffrey Creighton (Microsoft), Kevin Fleming (Bloomberg), Virginia Fournier (Apple), Virginie Galindo (Gemalto),
         Daniel Glazman (Disruptive Innovations), Michael Geldblum (Oracle), Ian Jacobs (W3C), Jeff Jaffe (W3C),
-        Jay Kishigami 岸上順一 (NTT),
+        Jay Kishigami 岸上順一 (NTT), Philippe LeHégaret (W3C), Coralie Mercier (W3C),
         Mark Nottingham, Peter Patel-Schneider, Scott Peterson (Google), Delfí Ramírez, Florian Rivoal, Wendy Seltzer (W3C),
         David Singer (Apple), Geoffrey Snedden, Josh Soref, Ralph Swick (W3C), 
         Léonie Watson (The Paciello Group), Ben Wilson, Chris Wilson (Google), Rigo Wenning (W3C), Helene Workman (Apple),
-        Judy Zhu 朱红儒 (Alibaba), Steve Zilles (Adobe).</p>
+        Judy Zhu 朱红儒 (Alibaba), Steve Zilles (Adobe).
+      <br>The editor is sorry for forgetting any names, and grateful to those who have listened patiently to conversations
+        about this document, without feeling a need to add more.</p>
       <p>The following individuals contributed to the development of earlier versions of the Process:
         Jean-François Abramatic (IBM, and previously ILOG and W3C), Dan Appelquist (Telefonica), Art Barstow (Nokia, unaffiliated),