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             height="48" width="72"></a> </p>
       <h1 class="title" id="title">Recommendation Track Process draft proposal</h1>
       <h2 id="draft-shorthand-status"><abbr title="World Wide Web Consortium"></abbr>Editors'
-        Draft 20 February 2014</h2>
+        Draft 9 March 2014</h2>
         <dt>Current active version:</dt>
         <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
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         <p>This is a draft proposal to replace the <a href="">current
             chapter 7 of the W3C process document</a> with a more effective W3C
           Specification life cycle. </p>
-        <p>This draft follows the <a href="[email protected]">19
-            February meeting of the W3C process Task Force</a> and incorporates
-          all known outstanding review comments.</p>
+        <p>This draft follows the <a href="">4-5
+            March meeting of the W3C Advisory Board</a> and incorporates all
+          known outstanding review comments. It is proposed to the Advisory
+          Board for final review. If there is no disagreement, the Advisory
+          Board expects to request that the Advisory Committee review a version
+          of the Process Document with chapter 7 replaced by this chapter,
+          followed by a formal survey on accepting the new version as the
+          operative process document.</p>
         <p>This introductory section (before the chapter title below) will be
           removed when this chapter is re-incorporated into the full process