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    <title>14 Acknowledgments</title>
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    <h1>Editor's draft proposed new W3C Process Document</h1>
    <h2>14 <a name="acks" id="acks">Acknowledgments</a></h2>
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    <p>The following individuals, either through the <a href="">Revising
        W3C Process Community Group</a> or independently, have contributed to
      the development of this draft: Art Barstow (Nokia), Robin Berjon (W3C),
      Wayne Carr (Intel), Marcos Cáceres (Mozilla), Fantasai (Mozilla), Daniel
      Glazman (Disruptive Innovations), Ivan Herman (W3C), Ian Hickson (Google),
      Ian Jacobs (W3C), Jeff Jaffe (W3C), Chris Lilley (W3C), Larry Masinter
      (Adobe Systems), Ralph Swick (W3C), Anne van Kesteren (W3C), Steve Zilles
      (Adobe Systems).</p>
    <p>The following individuals participated in the preparation of W3C Process
      Documents, including this draft,
      while serving (at different times) on the W3C Advisory Board:
      Abramatic (ILOG, and before that W3C), Ann Bassetti (The Boeing Company),
      Jim Bell (HP), Klaus Birkenbihl (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft), Carl Cargill
      Microsystems), Michael Champion (Microsoft), Paul Cotton (Microsoft),
      Tantek Çelik (Mozilla), Don Deutsch (Oracle), David Fallside
      (IBM), Paul Grosso (Arbortext), Eduardo Gutentag (Sun Microsystems), Steve
      Holbrook (IBM), Renato Iannella (IPR Systems), Jeff Jaffe (W3C), Ken
      Laskey (MITRE), Ora Lassila
      (Nokia), Håkon Wium Lie (Opera Software), Larry Masinter (Adobe Systems),
      McCall (MITRE), Qiuling Pan (Huawei), Thomas Reardon (Microsoft), Claus
      von Riegen (SAP AG), David
      Singer (IBM), Jean-Charles Verdié (MStar), Chris Wilson (Google), Lauren
      Wood (unaffiliated), and Steve Zilles (Adobe Systems).</p>
    <p>Early drafts of the W3C Process Document were prepared by a special <a name="erb"
        id="erb">Process Working Group</a>. The Working Group was elected by the
      Advisory Committee representatives on 16 September 1996 and closed in
      1997. The following individuals participated in the Process Working Group
      their affiliations at that time): Carl Cargill (Netscape), Wendy Fong
      (Hewlett-Packard), John Klensin (MCI), Tim Krauskopf (Spyglass), Kari
      (Ericsson), Thomas Reardon (Microsoft), David Singer (IBM), and Steve
      (Adobe). The Team members involved in the Process Working Group were:
      Jean-François Abramatic, Tim Berners-Lee, Ian Jacobs, and Sally Khudairi.</p>
    <p>Thanks also to Don Brutzman (Web3D) for earlier work on liaisons.</p>
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