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Completed draft terms
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         <dt><dfn>programme</dfn> (program)</dt>
         <dd>A programme (program) comprises a single period of audio visual content. It is usually expected to be labeled in content directories or television programme guides as a single entity. This might include an episode of a television programme, a radio programme, or a movie.</dd>
         <dt><dfn>Adaptive Bit Rate</dfn></dt>
-        <dd>Adaptive bit rate is ...</dd>
+        <dd>Adaptive bit rate media is characterized by short independent parallel media stream segments that can be individually selected and rendered according to some selective criteria. Typically, the parallel segments are differentiated by a feature such as required bandwidth, image resolution, etc.</dd>
         <dt><dfn>Open Source</dfn></dt>
-        <dd>Open source is ...</dd>
+        <dd>Open source software can be defined in many ways. For the purposes of these requirements it is defined as software that is openly developed and maintained by groups of interested developers. In these requirements, it is not required that open source software may only call other open source software. However, all open interfaces must be sufficiently defined that other open software may be developed to call those same interfaces.</dd>
         <dt><dfn>Common Time Base</dfn></dt>
-        <dd>Common time base is ...</dd>
+        <dd>A common time base is a time reference that can be unambiguously interpreted for synchronization purposes.</dd>
         <dt><dfn>Trick Play</dfn></dt>
-        <dd>Trick play is ...</dd>
+        <dd>Trick play refers to common media playback controls such as play, stop, pause, rewind and fast forward.</dd>
         <dt><dfn>Media Track</dfn></dt>
-        <dd>Media track is ...</dd>
+        <dd>Media tracks are individual streams of media that may optionally be combined into an aggregated track. For example a video track and one or more audio tracks are typically combined in a feature film. Other media tracks include closed captioning, alternate language tracks and special features.</dd>
         <dt><dfn>Active IDs</dfn></dt>
         <dd>The set of <a href="#source-id">source IDs</a> that are providing the <code><a href="">selected video track</a></code> and the <code><a href="">enabled audio tracks</a></code>.</dd>
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