Add QR Code use cases from Alibaba.
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Add QR Code use cases from Alibaba.
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+A mobile device can be used to discover an offer in a variety of ways:
+            <ul>
+              <li>
 Hani takes a taxi from the airport to his hotel. The taxi driver
 displays the total with his mobile device. Hani and the taxi driver
 touch their mobile devices to each other. The total appears on Hani's mobile
+              </li>
+              <li>
+There is a Quick Response Code (QR Code) printed on the bottom of a cup that
+Donna wants to buy. Donna uses her mobile phone app to capture the QR Code,
+view the price of the item, and add it to the list of items that she is buying
+from the store.
+              </li>
+            </ul>
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 monthly basis in order to pay his rent. RentSeekers initiates a payment using
 the ACH network to pull money from Pitir's bank account.
+              <li>
+Fiona shows a QR Code, which contains her payment details, to a cashier when 
+she is checking out. The cashier scans the QR Code and initiates a payment 
+using the details in the QR Code.
+              </li>
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