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Moved bit about native to scope

Moved bit about native to scope section (since it’s essentially a scope
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     <h2 id="goals">Goals</h2>
     <p>Under this initial charter, the Working Group defines standards that ease integration of the payments ecosystem
-        into the Web for a payment initiated by a Web application. Where practical the standards will be usable by
-        native applications/apps.</p>
+      into the Web for a payment initiated by a Web application.</p>
     <p>We anticipate the following benefits of this work:</p>
@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@
             greater automation of the steps in a typical payment. The interfaces between the payment schemes and the Web
             are usually at the user agent and the Web application, therefore the scope of the initial charter is focused
             on the interactions between these two components and the external actors that will interface directly with
-            them.</p>
+          them. <strong>Note:</strong> These standards may also prove useful in a "native" application context, but this group is not focused on that use case.</p>
         <p>The group will focus primarily on standardisation of a set of messages and a message flow for the initiation,
             confirmation and completion of a payment. By focusing on the message format and flow the group leaves open
@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@
         <p>This group will not define a new payment scheme, or redefine that which is already addressed today by payment
             schemes. The standards from this group will provide a channel for protocols and messages defined by payment
-            schemes.</p>
+          schemes.</p>
         <h2 id="deliverables">Deliverables</h2>