Add escrow rights use case from Alibaba.
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Add escrow rights use case from Alibaba.
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+There are a number of considerations when providing escrow services to both
+<a title="payer">payers</a> and <a title="payee">payees</a>:
+            <ul>
+              <li>
 Jack has established an online store on a trusted third party website to
 sell pants. Mary wants to buy a pair of pants from Jack's online store.
 Mary doesn't trust Jack because she has never met him nor has she done
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 Jack sends the pants to Mary via Express Mail. When Mary gets the pants,
 she will tell the trusted third party and they will move the funds
 to Jack's account.
+              </li>
+              <li>
+Escrow services in China sometimes provide a virtual financial account to
+<a title="payer">payers</a>. Money is typically transferred from the
+<a title="payer">payer's</a> bank account to the escrow service provider's
+bank to hold, but where the funds are still legally owned by the <a>payer</a>.
+When Hung transfers funds to an escrow service provider, his
+rights and responsibilities are exchanged with the escrow service provider
+at the same time as well as how various parties involved with the account
+can access and use the funds.
+              </li>
+            </ul>
           <dt>Target version</dt>
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+          <dd>Uncategorized</dd>
 A trusted third party is typically helpful for non-instant transactions
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 trusted third party protects the <a>payee</a> by ensuring that funds from the
 <a>payer</a> have been verified before releasing the product to them.
+          <dt>Regulatory</dt>
+          <dd>
+The use of money held in escrow accounts by the escrow service provider is
+covered by a number of consumer protection laws that restrict what the
+escrow service provider can do with the money. Expressing these restrictions
+in a way that enhances interoperability is desirable.
+          </dd>
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