Add registration-less use case.
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Add registration-less use case.
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           <dl class="dl-horizontal">
+            <dt>Registration-less</dt>
+            <dd>
+Some <a title="payee">payees</a> would rather not require a <a>payer</a> to
+register at their site before initiating a purchase:
+              <ul>
+                <li>
+Sven wants to view a pay to read article and does so without needing to
+pre-register with the website.
+                </li>
+                <li>
+Reiko finds a blowtorch for sale at a local digital resale website and
+places money into escrow without needing to register with the website.
+                </li>
+                <li>
+Benny is listening to music in a local coffee shop and likes a song he hears.
+He initiates a purchase of the song from the local "music beacon" without
+needing to register with the coffee shop or the music service.
+                </li>
+              </ul>
+            </dd>
+            <dt>Goals</dt>
+            <dd>
+Improved user experience,
+Greater security,
+Innovation, and
+            </dd>
+            <dt>Motivation</dt>
+            <dd>
+There are a large number of "paywall" websites on the Web that require a
+customer to register before they may use the website. In many cases, if the
+site isn't regularly visited by the customer, they abandon the transaction
+when they see the paywall requirement. Providing a mechanism to sell an
+inexpensive item to a customer without requiring registration would be of
+great benefit to not only the merchants selling goods and services, but
+customers that would like to avoid lengthy registration processes.
+            </dd>
+          </dl>
+          <dl class="dl-horizontal">
             <dt>Full Disclosure</dt>
 Marge wishes to renew her passport online which requires transmission