Add kiosk accessibility language from Léonie Watson.
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Add kiosk accessibility language from Léonie Watson.
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 Unifying point of sale interaction w/ the Web Payments architecture is
 vital for the success of this work.
+          <dt>Accessibility</dt>
+          <dd>
+At present kiosks are rarely accessible to blind people, people with low
+vision, people who use wheelchairs, or people with restricted mobility that
+makes touch interaction difficult or impossible. They don’t tend to offer
+speech output, any ability to zoom or customise colours, may be difficult to
+reach from a wheelchair/sitting position, and do not accept voice commands.
+Enabling as much of the payment interaction to move to a customer-held device
+with accessibility features would help alleviate a number of barriers that
+exist today.
+          </dd>
 Cory should exercise control over how much he wants the merchant
 to be able to track his activities. Programs like loyalty cards will
-likely involve agreement to more data with the merchant.
+likely involve agreement to more data with the merchant.<br/>
+Making kiosks that are used for financial transactions accessible introduces
+several challenges. Speech output may be overheard by people nearby, increased
+text size and/or visibility of content may make it easier for other people
+to read, and voice commands may also be overheard.