Removed note from explicit salts to HKDF to bugzilla:
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Sun, 30 Nov 2014 22:34:17 +0100
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Removed note from explicit salts to HKDF to bugzilla:
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@@ -16264,17 +16264,7 @@
 required BufferSource <dfn id="dfn-HkdfCtrParams-context">context</dfn>;
-          <div class="ednote"><div class="ednoteHeader">Editorial note</div>
-            <p>
-              The definition of HKDF allows the caller to supply an optional pseudorandom salt
-              value, which is used as the key during the extract phase. If this value is not
-              supplied, an all zero string is used instead. However, support for an explicit
-              salt value is not widely implemented in existing APIs, nor is it required by
-              existing usages of HKDF. Should this be an optional parameter, and if so, what
-              should the behavior be of a user agent that does not support explicit salt
-              values (is it conforming or non-conforming?)
-            </p>
-          </div>
         <div id="hkdf2-ctr-operations" class="section">
           <h4>35.4. Operations</h4>