implement action-49
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implement action-49
--- a/ttml10/spec/ttaf1-dfxp.xml	Thu Mar 15 00:20:56 2012 -0600
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@@ -8750,6 +8750,13 @@
 labels one or more syntactic and/or semantic features defined by this
 specification, and (2) for each designated feature, whether the feature is mandatory
 or optional for a transformation or presentation processor.</p>
+<p>A TTML processor is said to <emph>implement the transformation semantics</emph> or
+<emph>implement the presentation semantics</emph> of feature designation <emph>F</emph>
+if it satisfies the requirements of this appendix with respect to the definition of
+feature designation <emph>F</emph> as pertains to transformation or
+presentation processing, respectively.</p>
 <div2 id="feature-designations">
 <head>Feature Designations</head>
 <p>A feature designation is expressed as a string that adheres to the following
@@ -10205,7 +10212,7 @@
 <code>#transformation</code> feature if it
 (1) satisfies the generic processor criteria defined by 
 <specref ref="conformance-generic-processor"/> and
-(2) implements transformation semantics for the following features:</p>
+(2) implements the transformation semantics of the following features:</p>
 <item><p><loc href="#content"><code>#content</code></loc></p></item>
 <item><p><loc href="#feature-core"><code>#core</code></loc></p></item>