New status 3rd LC
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New status 3rd LC
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-This is the &;&nbsp;&draft.month;&nbsp;&draft.year; Working
-Draft of the Timed Text (TT) Authoring Format
-&versionOfTT;&nbsp;&ndash; Distribution Format Exchange Profile
+This is the third Last Call Working Draft of the Timed Text (TT)
+Authoring Format &versionOfTT;&nbsp;&ndash; Distribution Format
+Exchange Profile (DFXP). The W3C membership and other interested
+parties are invited to review the document and send comments to <loc
+href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</loc> (with <loc
+archive</loc>) through 30 June 2009.
 <p>This document is based on feedback from implementers. The list of
 changes made since the previous Candidate Recommendation is available
-in <specref ref="change-history-cr1-to-lc3"/> (<loc href='diff.html'>diff version</loc>). It is expected that
-this document will move to Last Call at the beginning of June 2009.
+in <specref ref="change-history-cr1-to-lc3"/>. A <loc href='htmldiff.html'>diff version</loc> with the
+previous working draft is also available.
 A <loc href=''>test
@@ -35,12 +39,6 @@
 this document as other than work in progress.
-Comments on this document should be sent to the email list <loc
-href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</loc>, which is the public
-mailing list of Timed Text Working Group (<loc
-href="">list archives</loc>).
 This document has been produced by the <loc
 href="">Timed Text (TT) Working Group</loc> as
 part of the W3C <loc href="">Video