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 <h1><a name="title" id="title"/>Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) 1.0 (Second Edition)</h1>
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 <a href="ttaf1-dfxp.html">ttaf1-dfxp.html</a>
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 expected to be) used by the document instance.</p><p>When a <code>tt:profile</code> element is used by a TTML
 Profile Definition document instance, it serves to publish a machine
 readable specification of a specific TTML content profile, of which
-this specification defines four such Profile Definition Documents in
+this specification defines three such Profile Definition Documents in
 <a href="#profiles"><b>F Profiles</b></a>.</p><p>The <code>ttp:profile</code> element accepts as its children zero or more
 elements in the <code>Metadata.class</code> element group, followed by
 zero or more <code>ttp:features</code> elements, followed by
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 equally to horizontal and vertical scaling of a glyph's EM square; if two
 <a href="#style-value-length">&lt;length&gt;</a> values are specified, then the first expresses the horizontal
 scaling and the second expresses vertical scaling.</p><div class="note"><p class="prefix"><b>Note:</b></p><p>Use of independent horizontal and vertical font sizes is expected to be used
-with cell based metrics in order to denote fonts that are two rows in height and
+with cell based units in order to denote fonts that are two rows in height and
 one column in width.</p></div><p>If horizontal and vertical sizes are expressed independently, then the
 units of the <a href="#style-value-length">&lt;length&gt;</a> values must be the same.</p><p>The <a href="#style-value-length">&lt;length&gt;</a> value(s) used to express font size must be non-negative.</p><p>For the purpose of determining applicability of this style property,
 each character child of a <code>p</code> element is considered to be enclosed in an anonymous