[ttml10se] remove "concession" language from #length-positive (D.1.49)
authorGlenn Adams <glenn@skynav.com>
Wed, 08 May 2013 14:13:58 -0600
changeset 365 76e44602aa32
parent 364 21ae6e668617
child 366 a48bbb5a63d1
[ttml10se] remove "concession" language from #length-positive (D.1.49)
--- a/ttml10/spec/ttaf1-dfxp.xml	Tue May 07 23:32:45 2013 -0600
+++ b/ttml10/spec/ttaf1-dfxp.xml	Wed May 08 14:13:58 2013 -0600
@@ -9630,10 +9630,7 @@
 <note role="clarification">
 <p>Support for <code>#length-positive</code> does not, by itself, imply support for
 <code>#length-integer</code> or
-<code>#length-real</code> features; however, as a concession to existing practice,
-a profile that requires support for <code>#length-positive</code> but does not require
-support for <code>#length-integer</code> or <code>#length-real</code> should
-be considered as additionally requiring support for <code>#length-real</code>.</p>
+<code>#length-real</code> features.</p>
 <div3 id="feature-length-real">