[ttml2] add ednote to obsolete ttp:markerMode
authorGlenn Adams <glenn@skynav.com>
Thu, 05 Sep 2013 00:23:28 -0600
changeset 537 74244b606fc8
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[ttml2] add ednote to obsolete ttp:markerMode
--- a/ttml2/spec/ttml2.xml	Wed Sep 04 23:56:40 2013 -0600
+++ b/ttml2/spec/ttml2.xml	Thu Sep 05 00:23:28 2013 -0600
@@ -2619,6 +2619,12 @@
 <div3 id="parameter-attribute-markerMode">
+<name>Obsolete ttp:markerMode</name>
+<edtext>Designate ttp:markerMode as obsolete. If specified, and if feature #markerMode or #markerMode-continuous is not
+required, then the specified value is to be ignored and the default value 'discontinuous' applies.</edtext>
 <p>The <att>ttp:markerMode</att> attribute is used to specify
 constraints on the interpretation and use of time expressions
 that correspond with <bibref ref="smpte12m"/> time coordinates when operating