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[ttml1se] add replacement text for appendix C to errata
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 <h1>Errata for Timed Text Markup Language 1 (TTML1); W3C REC, 24 September 2013</h1>
 <h2>Section 5.2 - Profiles</h2>
-<p>In the third paragraph under Table 2, change "... and must not be appear ..." to read "... and must not appear ...".</p>
+<p id="errata-5.2-1">In the third paragraph under Table 2, change "... and must not be appear ..." to read "... and must not appear ...".</p>
+<h2>Appendix C - Media Type Registration</h2>
+<p id="errata-C-1">Replace the body of Appendix C with the following:</p>
+<p><em>This appendix is normative.</em></p>
+<p>This appendix registers a new media type, "application/ttml+xml" in conformance
+with <a href="http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4288.txt">BCP 13</a> and <a href=
+"http://www.w3.org/2002/06/registering-mediatype.html">W3CRegMedia</a>. The
+information in this appendix is being submitted to the Internet Engineering
+Steering Group (IESG) for review, approval, and registration with the Internet
+Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).</p>
+  <dt class="label">Type name:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>application</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Subtype name:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>ttml+xml</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Required parameters:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>None.</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Optional parameters:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <dl>
+      <dt class="label">charset</dt>
+      <dd>
+        <p>If specified, the <code>charset</code> parameter must match the XML
+        encoding declaration, or if absent, the actual encoding.</p>
+      </dd>
+      <dt class="label">profile</dt>
+      <dd>
+        <p>The document profile of a TTMLDocument Instance may be specified using
+        an optional <code>profile</code> parameter, which, if specified, the value
+        of which must adhere to the syntax and semantics of
+        <code>ttp:profile</code> parameter defined by Section <a href=
+        "#parameter-attribute-profile"><b>6.2.8 ttp:profile</b></a> of the
+        published specification.</p>
+      </dd>
+    </dl>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Encoding considerations:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>binary</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Security considerations:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>As with other XML types and as noted in <a href="#xml-media">[XML Media
+    Types]</a> (http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc3023.txt), Section 10, repeated
+    expansion of maliciously constructed XML entities can be used to consume large
+    amounts of memory, which may cause XML processors in constrained environments
+    to fail.</p>
+    <p>In addition, because of the extensibility features for TTML and of XML in
+    general, it is possible that "application/ttml+xml" may describe content that
+    has security implications beyond those described here. However, TTML does not
+    provide for any sort of active or executable content, and if the processor
+    follows only the normative semantics of the published specification, this
+    content will be outside TTML namespaces and may be ignored. Only in the case
+    where the processor recognizes and processes the additional content, or where
+    further processing of that content is dispatched to other processors, would
+    security issues potentially arise. And in that case, they would fall outside
+    the domain of this registration document.</p>
+    <p>Although not prohibited, there are no expectations that XML signatures or
+    encryption would normally be employed.</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Interoperability considerations:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>The published specification describes processing semantics that dictate
+    behavior that must be followed when dealing with, among other things,
+    unrecognized elements and attributes, both in TTML namespaces and in other
+    namespaces.</p>
+    <p>Because TTML is extensible, conformant "application/ttml+xml" processors may
+    expect (and enforce) that content received is well-formed XML, but it cannot be
+    guaranteed that the content is valid to a particular DTD or Schema or that the
+    processor will recognize all of the elements and attributes in the
+    document.</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Published specification:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>This media type registration is extracted from Appendix C Media Type
+    Registration of the Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) 1.0 specification:
+    <a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/ttml1/">Timed Text Markup Language 1
+    (TTML1)</a>.</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Applications that use this media type:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>TTML is used in the television industry for the purpose of authoring,
+    transcoding and exchanging timed text information and for delivering captions,
+    subtitles, and other metadata for television material repurposed for the Web
+    or, more generally, the Internet.</p>
+    <p>There is partial and full support of TTML in components used by several Web
+    browsers plugins, and in a number of caption authoring tools.</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Additional information:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <dl>
+      <dt class="label">Magic number(s):</dt>
+      <dt class="label">File extension(s):</dt>
+      <dd>
+        <p>.ttml</p>
+      </dd>
+      <dt class="label">Macintosh file type code(s):</dt>
+      <dd>
+        <p>"TTML"</p>
+      </dd>
+      <dt class="label">Fragment identifiers:</dt>
+      <dd>
+        <p>For documents labeled as application/ttml+xml, the fragment identifier
+        notation is intended to be used with xml:id attributes, as described in
+        section 7.2.1 of the <a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/ttml1/">Timed Text
+        Markup Language 1 (TTML1)</a> specification.</p>
+      </dd>
+    </dl>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Person &amp; email address to contact for further
+  information:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>Timed Text Working Group ([email protected])</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Intended usage:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>COMMON</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Restrictions on usage:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>None</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Author:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>The published specification is a work product of the World Wide Web
+    Consortium's Timed Text (TT) Working Group.</p>
+  </dd>
+  <dt class="label">Change controller:</dt>
+  <dd>
+    <p>The W3C has change control over this specification.</p>
+  </dd>