Should the title be changed for something more generic
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Should the title be changed for something more generic
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 <title>Tracking Selection Lists</title>
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 <section id='abstract'>
 <p>The Tracking Selection Lists specification defines a format for interchangeable lists for blocking or allowing Web tracking elements and expected user-agent interpretation of this format.</p> 
+<p class="issue">Should we change the name for something more generic. It could be URL Filtering Lists or something along. The formats allow more applications than just tracking.</p>
 <p>A <dfn id="selection-list">selection list</dfn> contains parts of <a href="#dfn-third-party-uri">third-party URIs</a> that a browser may access automatically when referenced within a web page that a user deliberately visits. Rules in a selection list may change the way the user agent handles third-party content. By limiting the calls to these websites and blocking resources from other web pages, the <a href="#dfn-filter-list">selection list</a> limits the information other sites can collect about a user.</p>