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Added 708 word wrapping text.
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           In WebVTT we don't currently have a means to specify row and column locking. We currently only support the concept of <i>unlocked rows and columns</i>, i.e. when the user increases or decreases the font size, the Region will grow accordingly, but it is possible for lines to reflow.
+        <h3>Caption Window Word Wrapping</h3>
+          CEA-708 defines that when a caption text line doesn't fit into a Caption Window's width and thus needs a new line break, the line break at the end of the line is removed and replaced with a space character if necessary. The idea is that when the caption text had multiple lines the manually created line breaks created a balanced text layout. Insertion of new line breaks would break that balance and therefore the line breaks have to be removed.
+        </p>
+        <p>
+          WebVTT supports line wrapping, but does not currently support the removal of line breaks when new line wrapping is necessary.