Allow <use> to reference an entire document. (ACTION-3417)
authorCameron McCormack <>
Wed, 06 Feb 2013 17:17:02 +1100
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Allow <use> to reference an entire document. (ACTION-3417)
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   <li>Added the <a>'discard'</a> element and the <span class="attr-name">'timelineBegin'</span> and <span class="attr-name">'playbackOrder'</span> attributes on the <a>'svg'</a> element, as defined in SVG Tiny 1.2.</li>
   <li>Added the ability to use <span class="attr-value">'auto'</span> for the <a>'image/x'</a> and <a>'image/y'</a> attributes on <a>'image'</a>.</li>
+  <li>Lifted the restriction on <a>'use'</a> not being able to reference an entire document.</li>
 <h3 id="styling">Styling chapter</h3>
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 <h2 id="UseElement">The <span class='element-name'>'use'</span> element</h2>
+<div class="annotation svg2-requirement">
+  <table>
+    <tr>
+      <th>SVG 2 Requirement:</th>
+      <td>Allow <a>'use'</a> to reference an external document's root element by omitting the fragment.</td>
+    </tr>
+    <tr>
+      <th>Resolution:</th>
+      <td><a href="">We will relax referencing requirements to particular elements to allow dropping fragments to mean referencing root element, where it makes sense, such as with use, in SVG 2.</a></td>
+    </tr>
+    <tr>
+      <th>Purpose:</th>
+      <td>To avoid requiring authors to modify the referenced document to add an ID to the root element.</td>
+    </tr>
+    <tr>
+      <th>Owner:</th>
+      <td>Cameron (<a href="">ACTION-3417</a>)</td>
+    </tr>
+  </table>
 <edit:with element='use'>
 <edit:elementsummary name='use'/>
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 objects, but the parameters of the template are limited – just
 different inherited property values.</p>
-<p>Unlike <a>'image'</a>, the <a>'use'</a> element cannot reference
-entire files.</p>
+<div class="ready-for-wg-review">
+<p>The <a>'use'</a> element can reference an entire SVG document
+by specifying an <a>'xlink:href'</a> value without a fragment.
+Such references are taken to be referring to the root element
+of the referenced document.</p>
+<p class="note">This allows an entire SVG document to be referenced
+without having to ensure that it has an ID on its root element.</p>
 <p>The <a>'use'</a> element has
 optional attributes <a>'use/x'</a>, <a>'use/y'</a>, <a>'use/width'</a> and <a>'use/height'</a> which are used to map the
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 element will be visible even if the <a>'use'</a> element specifies <span
-<p class="issue">Why is <a>'visibility'</a> called out speciically?  It might
+<p class="issue">Why is <a>'visibility'</a> called out specially?  It might
 be better just to include an example that shows this.</p>
 <p>Animations on a referenced element will cause the instances
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 separate document which generates its own parse tree and
 document object model (if the resource is XML). Thus, there is
 no inheritance of properties into the image.</p>
 <p>Unlike <a>'use'</a>, the <a>'image'</a> element cannot reference
 elements within an SVG file.</p>