Fix references to CSS2.
authorCameron McCormack <>
Mon, 20 Aug 2012 15:19:19 +1000
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Fix references to CSS2.
--- a/master/svgdom.html	Mon Aug 20 15:11:51 2012 +1000
+++ b/master/svgdom.html	Mon Aug 20 15:19:19 2012 +1000
@@ -485,15 +485,15 @@
 <h3 id="CSSDOMFeaturesWithCSSSupport">User agents that support styling with CSS</h3>
 <p>User agents that support <a href="styling.html#StylingWithCSS">Styling with CSS</a>,
-the SVG DOM, and <a href="">aural styling</a>
-([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS2">CSS2</a>], chapter 19)
+the SVG DOM, and <a href="">aural styling</a>
+([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], appendix A)
 must support all of the interfaces defined in
 <a href="">DOM Level 2 CSS</a>
 ([<a href="refs.html#ref-DOM2STYLE">DOM2STYLE</a>], chapter 2)
 which apply to aural properties.</p>
-<p>For <a href="">visual media</a>
-([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS2">CSS2</a>], section 7.3.1),
+<p>For <a href="">visual media</a>
+([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 7.3.1),
 user agents must support all of the required interfaces defined in
 DOM Level 2 CSS.  All of the interfaces that are optional for DOM Level 2 CSS
 are also optional for user agents implementing the SVG DOM.</p>
@@ -512,8 +512,8 @@
 ([<a href="refs.html#ref-DOM2STYLE">DOM2STYLE</a>], section 2.3) for use in
 conjunction with interface <a>CSSValue</a>. The table below specifies the type
 of <a>CSSValue</a> used to represent each SVG property that applies to
-<a href="">visual media</a> 
-([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS2">CSS2</a>], section 7.3.1).
+<a href="">visual media</a> 
+([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 7.3.1).
 The expectation is that the <a>CSSValue</a> returned from the
 <span class="dom-method-name">getPropertyCSSValue</span> method on the
 <a>CSSStyleDeclaration</a> interface or the <a>SVGElement::getPresentationAttribute</a>