Fix warning on 'd' attribute.
authorNikos Andronikos <>
Tue, 29 Apr 2014 06:12:45 +0100
changeset 670 59a713c832ca
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Fix warning on 'd' attribute.
--- a/master/coords.html	Tue Apr 29 09:58:12 2014 +1000
+++ b/master/coords.html	Tue Apr 29 06:12:45 2014 +0100
@@ -1153,9 +1153,11 @@
 subpaths segments of a <a>'path'</a> element with zero width and height must be
 included in that element's geometry for the sake of the bounding box.</p>
+<edit:with element='path'>
 <p class="ready-for-wg-review">An element with no position specified (such as a
 <a>'path'</a> element with a value of (none) for the <a>'d'</a> attribute) is positioned at the
 point (0,0) for the purposes of calculating a bounding box.</p>
 <p>Note that elements whose DOM object does not derive from <a>SVGGraphicsElement</a>
 (such as gradient elements) do not have a bounding box, and thus have no