Fixes for CSS2 references.
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Mon, 20 Aug 2012 11:08:32 +1000
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Fixes for CSS2 references.
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@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
 <p>SVG utilizes the
 <a href="">WebFonts</a>
 facility defined in
-([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS3Fonts">CSS3 Fonts</a>]) as a key
+([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS3FONTS">CSS3 Fonts</a>]) as a key
 mechanism for reliable delivery of font data to end users. In a
 common scenario, SVG authoring applications generate
 compressed, subsetted WebFonts
--- a/master/refs.html	Mon Aug 20 10:59:34 2012 +1000
+++ b/master/refs.html	Mon Aug 20 11:08:32 2012 +1000
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
-  <dt id="ref-CSS3Fonts" class="normref">[CSS3Fonts]</dt>
+  <dt id="ref-CSS3FONTS" class="normref">[CSS3FONTS]</dt>
     <cite class="w3cwd"><a href="">CSS3 Fonts</a></cite>,
     J. Daggett, ed
--- a/master/styling.html	Mon Aug 20 10:59:34 2012 +1000
+++ b/master/styling.html	Mon Aug 20 11:08:32 2012 +1000
@@ -43,10 +43,10 @@
 additional SVG-specific rules explicitly mentioned in this
 specification, the normative definition of properties that are
 shared with CSS and XSL is the definition of the property from
-<a href="">the CSS2 specification</a>
+<a href="">the CSS 2.1 specification</a>
 [<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>].</p>
-<p id='PropertiesFromCSS2'>The following properties are shared between CSS2 and SVG.
+<p id='PropertiesFromCSS2'>The following properties are shared between CSS 2.1 and SVG.
 Most of these properties are also defined in XSL:</p>
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
       (The SVG properties which support color allow a color
-      specification which is extended from CSS2 to accommodate
+      specification which is extended from CSS 2.1 to accommodate
       color definitions in arbitrary color spaces. See <a
       href="color.html#ColorProfileDescriptions">Color profile
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
-<p>The following SVG properties are not defined in CSS2. The
+<p>The following SVG properties are not defined in CSS 2.1. The
 complete normative definitions for these properties are found in
 this specification:</p>
@@ -382,13 +382,13 @@
 <p>For user agents that support CSS, the presentation
 attributes must be translated to corresponding CSS style rules
 according to rules described in
-<a href="">Precedence of non-CSS presentational hints</a>
+<a href="">Precedence of non-CSS presentational hints</a>
 ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 6.4.4),
 with the additional
 clarification that the presentation attributes are conceptually
 inserted into a new author style sheet which is the first in
 the author style sheet collection. The presentation attributes
-thus will participate in the CSS2 cascade
+thus will participate in the CSS 2.1 cascade
 as if they were replaced by corresponding CSS style
 rules placed at the start of the author style sheet with a
 specificity of zero. In general, this means that the
@@ -553,38 +553,40 @@
 <edit:example href='images/styling/StyleAttribute.svg' image='no' link='yes'/>
 <p>In an SVG user agent that supports CSS style sheets, the
-following facilities from CSS2 must be supported:</p>
+following facilities from CSS 2.1 must be supported:</p>
-  <li>CSS2 <a href="">selectors</a>
+  <li>CSS 2.1 <a href="">selectors</a>
   within style sheets ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], chapter 5).
   Because SVG is intended to be used as one component in a
-  multiple namespace XML application and CSS2 is not namespace
+  multiple namespace XML application and CSS 2.1 is not namespace
   aware, type selectors will only match against the local part
   of the element's qualified name.</li>
   <li><a href="">External CSS style sheets</a>
   [<a href="refs.html#ref-XML-SS">XML-SS</a>], CSS
   style sheets within <a>'style element'</a> elements and CSS
-  <a href="">declaration
+  <a href="">declaration
   blocks</a> ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 4.1.7)
   within <a>'style attribute'</a> attributes attached to
   specific SVG elements.</li>
-  <li>CSS2 rules for <a href="">assigning
+  <li>CSS 2.1 rules for <a href="">assigning
   property values, cascading and inheritance</a>
   ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], chapter 6).</li>
-  <li><a href="">@font-face</a>,
-  <a href="">@media</a>,
+  <li><a href="">@media</a>,
   <a href="">@import</a>
-  and <a href="">@charset</a>
+  and <a href="">@charset</a>
   rules within style sheets
   ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], sections 15.3.1, 7.2.1, 6.3 and 4.4).</li>
-  <li>CSS2's <a
+  <li><a href="">@font-face</a> rules
+  within style sheets ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS3FONTS">CSS3FONTS</a>], section 4.1).</li>
+  <li>CSS 2.1's <a
   href="">dynamic pseudo-classes</a>
-  :hover, :active and :focus and <a href="">pseudo-classes</a>
+  :hover, :active and :focus and <a href="">pseudo-classes</a>
   :first-child, :visited, :link and :lang
   ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 5.11).
   The remaining CSS2 pseudo-classes, including those having to do with
@@ -610,14 +612,14 @@
 <p>SVG defines an <a href="color.html#ColorProfileAtRule">@color-profile</a>
 <a href=''>at-rule</a>
-([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], section 4.1.6)
+([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], section 4.1.6)
 for defining color profiles so that ICC color profiles can be
 applied to CSS-styled SVG content.</p>
 <p>Note the following about relative URIs and external CSS
-style sheets: The CSS2 specification
+style sheets: The CSS 2.1 specification
 <a href=''>says</a>
-([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], section 4.3.4)
+([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], section 4.3.4)
 that relative URIs (as defined in <a href=""><cite>Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax</cite></a>
 [<a href="refs.html#ref-RFC3986">RFC3986</a>]) within
 style sheets are resolved such that the base URI is that of the
@@ -629,7 +631,7 @@
 href="">XML10</a>], which is
 case-sensitive. CSS property declarations specified either in
 CSS style sheets or in a <a>'style attribute'</a> attribute, on the other
-hand, are <a href="">generally case-insensitive with some exceptions</a>
+hand, are <a href="">generally case-insensitive with some exceptions</a>
 ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 4.1.3).</p>
 <p>Because presentation attributes are expressed as XML
@@ -688,29 +690,29 @@
   <li>Shared properties. Many of SVG's properties are shared
-  between CSS2, XSL and SVG. (See <a
+  between CSS 2.1, XSL and SVG. (See <a
   href="styling.html#PropertiesFromCSS2">list of shared
   <li>Syntax rules. (The normative references are
   <a href="">CSS2 syntax and basic data types</a>
-  and <a href="">The grammar of CSS2</a>;
-  in [<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], chapter 4 and appendix D.)</li>
+  and <a href="">The grammar of CSS 2.1</a>;
+  in [<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], chapter 4 and appendix D.)</li>
   <li>Allowable data types. (The normative reference is <a
-  href="">CSS2 syntax
-  and basic data types</a> ([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], chapter 4), with the exception that SVG
+  href="">CSS 2.1 syntax
+  and basic data types</a> ([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], chapter 4), with the exception that SVG
   length and angle values without a unit identifier.  See <a
   <li><a href="styling.html#Inheritance">Inheritance
-  <li>The color keywords from CSS2 that correspond to the
+  <li>The color keywords from CSS 2.1 that correspond to the
   colors used by objects in the user's environment. (The
   normative reference is 
-  <a href="">CSS2
-  system colors</a>; in [<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], section 18.2.)</li>
+  <a href="">CSS 2.1
+  system colors</a>; in [<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], section 18.2.)</li>
   <li>For implementations that support CSS styling of SVG
   content, then that styling must be compatible with various
@@ -777,7 +779,7 @@
         medium for style information. It may be a single media
         descriptor or a comma-separated list. The default value for
         this attribute is "all". The set of recognized
-        <em>media-descriptors</em> are the list of <a href=''>media types recognized by CSS2</a>
+        <em>media-descriptors</em> are the list of <a href=''>media types recognized by CSS 2.1</a>
         ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 7.3).<br />
          <span class="anim-target"><a
@@ -902,20 +904,20 @@
 <p>Whether or not the user agent supports CSS, property
 inheritance in SVG follows the property inheritance rules
-defined in the CSS2 specification. The normative definition for
+defined in the CSS 2.1 specification. The normative definition for
 property inheritance is the <a href="">Inheritance</a> section
-of the CSS2 specification ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 6.2).</p>
+of the CSS 2.1 specification ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 6.2).</p>
 <p>The definition of each property indicates whether the
 property can inherit the value of its parent.</p>
-<p>In SVG, as in CSS2, most elements inherit 
+<p>In SVG, as in CSS 2.1, most elements inherit 
 <a href=''>computed values</a>
-([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], section 6.1.2).
+([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], section 6.1.2).
 For cases where something other than
 computed values are inherited, the property definition will
 describe the inheritance rules. For <a href=''>specified values</a>
-([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], section 6.1.1)
+([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], section 6.1.1)
 which are expressed in user units, in
 pixels (e.g., <span class='attr-value'>20px</span>) or in absolute values,
 the computed value equals the specified
@@ -999,7 +1001,7 @@
 <p>The user agent shall maintain a
 <a href=''>user agent style sheet</a>
-([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], section 6.4)
+([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], section 6.4)
 for elements in the SVG namespace for
 <a href=''>visual media</a>
 ([<a href="refs.html#ref-CSS21">CSS21</a>], section 7.3.1).
@@ -1039,8 +1041,8 @@
 <p>For the purposes of aural media, SVG represents a stylable
 XML grammar. In user agents that support CSS aural style
 sheets, <a href=''>aural style properties</a>
-([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>], chapter 19)
-can be applied as defined in CSS2.</p>
+([<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>], chapter 19)
+can be applied as defined in CSS 2.1.</p>
 <p>Aural style properties can be applied to any SVG element
 that can contain character data content, including
@@ -1050,13 +1052,13 @@
 <a>'altGlyph'</a> and
-On user agents that support aural style sheets, the following CSS2
+On user agents that support aural style sheets, the following CSS 2.1
 properties can be applied:</p>
     <table class='vert' summary="aural styling properties">
         <th>Aural property</th>
-        <th>Definition in [<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS2'>CSS21</a>]</th>
+        <th>Definition in [<a href='refs.html#ref-CSS21'>CSS21</a>]</th>
         <td id="AzimuthProperty"><span class="attr-name">'azimuth'</span></td>
@@ -1112,7 +1114,7 @@
         <td id="SpeakHeaderProperty"><span class="attr-name">'speak-header'</span></td>
-        <td><a href="">Section 17.7.1</a></td>
+        <td><a href="">Section 17.7.1</a></td>
         <td id="SpeakNumeralProperty"><span class="attr-name">'speak-numeral'</span></td>