Update mask syntax to use select instead of element
authorBrian Birtles <birtles@gmail.com>
Mon, 06 Aug 2012 15:45:25 +0900
changeset 264 1798bab64d00
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Update mask syntax to use select instead of element
--- a/master/masking.html	Mon Aug 06 12:05:21 2012 +1000
+++ b/master/masking.html	Mon Aug 06 15:45:25 2012 +0900
@@ -627,13 +627,12 @@
   <dt id="DataTypeMaskSource"><span class="prop-value">&lt;mask-source&gt;</span> =</dt>
-    <a>&lt;funciri&gt;</a> | child | element(<a>&lt;compound-selector&gt;</a>)
+    <a>&lt;funciri&gt;</a> | child | select(<a>&lt;compound-selector&gt;</a>)
 <div class="issue">
-  This should probably allow a CSS &lt;gradient&gt;, or, even better,
-  a CSS &lt;image&gt;.
+  We are currently investigating allowing a CSS 4 &lt;image&gt; here.
@@ -647,8 +646,8 @@
   <dt><span class="prop-value">child</span></dt>
   <dd>A keyword to indicate that the last child <a>'mask element'</a>
   element should be used as the mask source. It is equivalent to
-  <span class="prop-value">element(mask:last-of-type)</span>.</dd>
-  <dt><span class="prop-value">element (<a href="types.html#DataTypeCompoundSelector">&lt;compound-selector&gt;</a>)</span></dt>
+  <span class="prop-value">select(mask:last-of-type)</span>.</dd>
+  <dt><span class="prop-value">select (<a href="types.html#DataTypeCompoundSelector">&lt;compound-selector&gt;</a>)</span></dt>
   <dd>A <a>&lt;compound-selector&gt;</a> scoped at the element to which the
     <span class="property">'mask'</span> property is applied specifying the
     element to use as the mask source.
@@ -977,6 +976,12 @@
   <li>any raster image file supported by the <a>'image'</a> element.</li>
+<p class="issue">
+  The ability to directly target other SVG elements may be replaced by use of
+  CSS 4 Images Values and the <code>element()</code> syntax to achieve the same
+  effect.
 The effect of referring directly to content as a mask source depends on the
 type of the source content.