remove setCustomparameter; these parameters can set in the serviceUri instead
authorHans Wennborg <>
Fri, 25 May 2012 18:08:28 +0100
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remove setCustomparameter; these parameters can set in the serviceUri instead
--- a/speechapi.html	Fri May 25 17:59:14 2012 +0100
+++ b/speechapi.html	Fri May 25 18:08:28 2012 +0100
@@ -389,8 +389,6 @@
       <li><a href="#speechreco-event"><span class=secno>5.1.8 </span>Speech Recognition Event</a></li>
       <li><a href="#speechreco-speechgrammar"><span class=secno>5.1.9 </span>Speech Grammar</a></li>
       <li><a href="#speechreco-speechgrammarlist"><span class=secno>5.1.10 </span>Speech Grammar List</a></li>
-      <li><a href="#speechreco-speechparameter"><span class=secno>5.1.11 </span>Speech Parameter</a></li>
-      <li><a href="#speechreco-speechparameterlist"><span class=secno>5.1.12 </span>Speech Parameter List</a></li>
       <li><a href="#tts-section"><span class=secno>5.2 </span>The TTS Interface</a></li>
       <li><a href="#tts-attributes"><span class=secno>5.1.1 </span>TTS Attributes</a></li>
       <li><a href="#tts-methods"><span class=secno>5.1.2 </span>TTS Methods</a></li>
@@ -552,10 +550,6 @@
         attribute Function <a href="#dfn-onerror">onerror</a>;
         attribute Function <a href="#dfn-onstart">onstart</a>;
         attribute Function <a href="#dfn-onend">onend</a>;
-        <span class="comment">// the generic set of parameters</span>
-        void <a href="#dfn-setcustomparameter">setCustomParameter</a>(in DOMString <a href="#dfn-name">name</a>, in DOMString <a href="#dfn-value">value</a>);
-        attribute <a href="#dfn-speechparameterlist">SpeechParameterList</a> <a href="#dfn-parameters">parameters</a>;
     interface <dfn id="speechrecognitionerror">SpeechRecognitionError</dfn> : Event {
@@ -618,19 +612,6 @@
                         optional float <a href="#dfn-grammarWeight">weight</a>);
-    <span class="comment">// The object representing a speech parameter</span>
-    [Constructor]
-    interface <dfn id="dfn-speechparameter">SpeechParameter</dfn> {
-        attribute DOMString <a href="#dfn-name">name</a>;
-        attribute DOMString <a href="#dfn-value">value</a>;
-    };
-    <span class="comment">// The object representing a speech parameter collection</span>
-    [Constructor]
-    interface <dfn id="dfn-speechparameterlist">SpeechParameterList</dfn> {
-        readonly attribute unsigned long <a href="#dfn-speechparameterlistlength">length</a>;
-        getter <a href="#dfn-speechparameter">SpeechParameter</a> <a href="#dfn-speechparameterlistitem">item</a>(in unsigned long index);
-    };
@@ -661,10 +642,6 @@
       If this attribute is unset at the time of the start method call, then the user agent <em class="rfc2119" title="should">must</em> use the user agent default speech service.
       Note that the serviceURI is a generic URI and can thus point to local services either through use of a URN with meaning to the User Agent or by specifying a URL that the User Agent recognizes as a local service.
       Additionally, the User Agent default can be local or remote and can incorporate end user choices via interfaces provided by the User Agent such as browser configuration parameters.</dd>
-      <dt><dfn id="dfn-parameters">parameters</dfn> attribute</dt>
-      <dd>This attribute holds an array of arbitrary extension parameters.
-      These parameters could set user specific information (such as profile, gender, or age information) or could be used to set recognition parameters specific to the recognition service in use.</dd>
     <h4 id="speechreco-methods"><span class=secno>5.1.2 </span>Speech Recognition Methods</h4>
@@ -689,11 +666,6 @@
       When the abort method is called, the speech service <em class="rfc2119" title="must">must</em> stop recognizing.
       The user agent <em class="rfc2119" title="must">must</em> raise an end event once the speech service is no longer connected.
       If the abort method is called on an object which is already stopped or aborting (that is, start was never called on it, the end or error event has fired on it, or abort was previously called on it), the user agent <em class="rfc2119" title="must">must</em> ignore the call.</dd>
-      <dt>The <dfn id="dfn-setcustomparameter">setCustomParameter</dfn> method</dt>
-      <dd>This method appends an arbitrary recognition service parameter to the parameters array.
-      The name of the parameter is given by the <a href="#dfn-name">name</a> parameter and the value by the <a href="#dfn-value">value</a> parameter.
-      This arbitrary parameter mechanism allows services that want to have extensions or to set user specific information (such as profile, gender, or age information) to accomplish the task.</dd>
     <h4 id="speechreco-events"><span class=secno>5.1.3 </span>Speech Recognition Events</h4>
@@ -917,34 +889,6 @@
       If the weight parameter is not present, the default value of 1.0 is used.</dd>
-    <h4 id="speechreco-speechparameter"><span class=secno>5.1.11 </span>Speech Parameter</h4>
-    <p>The SpeechParameter object represents the container for arbitrary name/value parameters.
-    This extensible mechanism allows developers to take advantage of extensions that recognition services may allow.
-    This structure has the following attributes:</p>
-    <dl>
-      <dt><dfn id="dfn-name">name</dfn> attribute</dt>
-      <dd>The required name attribute is the name of the custom parameter.</dd>
-      <dt><dfn id="dfn-value">value</dfn> attribute</dt>
-      <dd>The required value attribute is the value of the custom parameter.</dd>
-    </dl>
-    <h4 id="speechreco-speechparameterlist"><span class=secno>5.1.12 </span>Speech Parameter List</h4>
-    <p>The SpeechParameterList object represents a collection of SpeechParameter objects.
-    This structure has the following attributes:</p>
-    <dl>
-      <dt><dfn id="dfn-speechparameterlistlength">length</dfn></dt>
-      <dd>The length attribute represents how many parameters are currently in the array.</dd>
-      <dt><dfn id="dfn-speechparameterlistitem">item</dfn></dt>
-      <dd>The item getter returns a SpeechParameter from the index into an array of parameters.
-      The user agent <em class="rfc2119" title="must">must</em> ensure that the length attribute is set to the number of elements in the array.</dd>
-    </dl>
     <h3 id="tts-section"><span class=secno>5.2 </span>The TTS Interface</h3>
     <p>The TTS interface is the scripted web <acronym title="Application Programming Interface">API</acronym> for controlling a text-to-speech output.</p>